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Are you looking for Samba dance classes in Australia?


Here are the Top 10 available Samba dance classes in Australia.

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Dance Generation Adelaide Logo

Brazillian Samba

If the music reminds you of a Rio Carnival with lots of percussion, strings and some wind instruments (and is 2/4 timing) you are ready to Samba, Brazilian style.

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Dance Central Sydney Logo

Samba Reggae

In a social setting, samba-reggae dances tend to be done in a follow-the-leader fashion, with a few skilled dancers initiating moves in a line in front of the crowd, and the whole crowd then following along.

Institute by Dance Central Sydney
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Sydney Dance Rhythms Logo


Samba dance classes are offered by Sydney Dance Rhythms. Samba is a travelling dance so it progresses quickly around the floor with plenty of rhythm and movement at the waist and the legs.

Institute by Sydney Dance Rhythms
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CareToDance Balmain Logo


At CareToDance we specialise in program based personalised Samba dancing tuition. Whether you would like to share your learning space with other students, or prefer a more private setting, the team at CareToDance will put together the perfect dancing program for you.

Cheapest Institute by CareToDance Balmain
Arthur Murray Dance Studios Logo


Samba dance classes are offered by Arthur Murray Dance Studios. Originated in Brazil, the Samba imitates the celebratory, carnival feeling. Light on your feet with forward and backward steps, rocking your body in 4/4 time.

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MarShere Dance Studios Logo


Latin dance classes are offered by MarShere Dance Studios. Latin Rhythm dances are commonly danced to contemporary Latin American music, and with the exception of a few travelling dances.

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Latino Grooves Dance Studio Logo

Brazillian Samba

When you attend a Latino Grooves Samba class, expect a fun and energetic workout to some seriously exciting music. Prepare to sweat!

Institute by Latino Grooves Dance Studio
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Salsa Connection Dance Studio Logo


Samba Dance Lessons are offered by Salsa Connection Dance Studio. We believe that no matter the shape or form of dance, dancing itself should not just be about steps to music - it should be lived, loved, breathed and enjoyed.

Institute by Salsa Connection Dance Studio
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Arthur Murray Dance Centre Adelaide Logo


Get moving with the energetic Samba. Another great ‘dance fitness’ dance you can learn. The Samba is your dance of choice for up-tempo Brazilian beats. Enjoy the deep rhythms and travelling movements of this awesome style.

Cheapest Institute by Arthur Murray Dance Centre Adelaide
Brazilian Dance Fusion Logo

Brazilian Samba

This is a non partnered class designed to build dance confidence as well as doubling as a fantastic fitness workout. Get ready to swing those hips and shake ya booty to the Batucada beats. Let’s Samba!!

Cheapest Institute by Brazilian Dance Fusion
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