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Are you looking for Strength & Conditioning courses in Australia?


Here are the Top 10 available Strength & Conditioning courses in Australia.

72 course(s) offered by 55 institutes in Australia
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Thomas School of Dance Logo

Stretch and Conditioning

This class focuses on the conditioning of the body. This class will help dancers gain flexibility, agility and strength. This class is intense but well worth the pain!

Institute by Thomas School of Dance [ Claim Listing ]
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Dance Conditioning

The Dance Conditioning classes are designed to implement evolving techniques useful for the development of key dance components including strength, alignment, control, coordination, endurance and flexibility.

Institute by VPA Studios [ Claim Listing ]
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Strength & Conditioning

This class focuses on developing core strength and flexibility and in developing skills. It includes barre work, classical elements of ballet and advanced calisthenics movements (walkovers, tiger stands etc).

Institute by Studio Arc Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]

Geelong Ballet Centre Logo

Stretch and Strength

Stretch and Strength classes are a pivotal part of a dancers training. These classes combine safe dance practice, with flexibility exercises and strength exercises to supplement other styles and make our dancers prepared for the physical demands of the art form.

Institute by Geelong Ballet Centre [ Claim Listing ]
Upstaged Dance & Performance Studio Logo


Conditioning Lessons are offered by Upstaged Dance & Performance Studio.

Institute by Upstaged Dance & Performance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
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Barre (pronounced ‘bar’) combines simple ballet exercises, core strength work and dance specific stretching.

Institute by The Loft Dance & Yoga Studio [ Claim Listing ]
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Lacking in back flexibility? In Bendy Back you will enjoy a casual stretching class that will help you reach a flexible and healthy back. We’ll start with a combination of stretches and continue with useful tips and hints for a bendy back.

Institute by PhysiPole Studios Pakenham [ Claim Listing ]

Expressions Ballet Academy Logo

Stretch and Strengthen

Classes focus on each individual muscle group through fitness, pilates and flexibility training. This assists our students to become well balanced and strong, while also developing a greater understanding of their body.

Institute by Expressions Ballet Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Dance Adelaide Studio Logo

Dance Fit

Dance Fit is a 45 min class that will leave you energized, pumped and wanting to move more – that’s how we were designed to start with, right? None of us was meant to sit for long periods of time, we are supposed to get out there and explore, hunt and live!

Institute by Dance Adelaide Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Tasmania's Pole Dancing & Burlesque Academy Logo

Stretch and Flexibility

Splits aren't just for gymnasts and kids. Build strength and flexibility in a fun and active class that will make your pole moves and legs looser.

Institute by Tasmania's Pole Dancing & Burlesque Academy [ Claim Listing ]
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