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Zouk is originally from the Caribbean Islands with heavy influences from Brazil. Also known as Brazilian Zouk or Zouk Lambada, it’s characterised by a quick-quick-slow rhythm and a heart-beat like base line. It’s often remixed with R&B, Pop and Electronic music.

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Zouk-Lambada is a flowing, graceful dance that reflects passion and connection between two partners. Originating in Brazil in the 1980s, this dance is characterised by hair flicks, flowing ‘wave’ motions and a smooth, elegant rhythm.

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Learn fundamentals of upper body/ head movements in Zouk. Learn dance combos incorporating upper body movement and styling.

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Brazilian zouk is a couple dance descended from lambada in Brazil. The name Brazilian zouk is used to distinguish the dance from the Caribbean zouk dance, which is historically related to, but very different from the lambada.

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Zouk Lambada

Zouk Lambada dance classes are offered by Brazilian Dance Fusion. Zouk commonly showcases the female partner through use of her hair and display of her hip movement and leg extension.

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