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Course Fees : $17 to $895

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Here is a table of Break Dance courses in Canada with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

The Happening Dance Company


Break Dance

1 hour per session




Break Dance



Dancin Stars

British Columbia

Break Dance Classes

1 month


Gotta Dance


Break Dance



City Dance Corps



6 months


Jade's Hiphop Academy


Breaking classes

1 hour per session


The Flavor Factory

British Columbia

Kids Breaking Level 2



Dance Studios


Breakdancing Classes for Kids (Ages 6-10)

1 hour


CDA Dance





Annex Dance Academy






Top Break Dance Schools in Canada


1. The Happening Dance Company, Vancouver

2. Bboyizm, Ottawa

3. Dancin Stars, British Columbia

4. Gotta Dance, Toronto

5. City Dance Corps, Toronto

6. Jade's Hiphop Academy, Brampton

7. The Flavor Factory, British Columbia

8. Dance Studios, Vancouver

9. CDA Dance, Aurora

10. Annex Dance Academy, Toronto


Cost of Break Dance courses in Canada


The average cost price of the course is CAD$94.50 - CAD$1620


Duration of Break Dance courses in Canada


The average duration of the course is 1 hour per session or 1-6 months


Salary of a Dancer in Canada


The average pay for a Dancer is $56,558 a year and $27 an hour in Canada.

18 course(s) offered by 15 institutes in Canada
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The Happening Dance Logo

Break Dancing

Breaking is a dance that focuses on creative self-expression and the celebration of music. It encourages the manifestation of one’s own personal style and helps develop strong interpersonal skills.

Institute by The Happening Dance [ Claim Listing ]
Thrive Dance SK Logo

Break Dance (Ages 6+)

Showcase your skills & abilities through a routine that encourages your personality to shine through. Physically challenging movements are used incorporating footwork, intricate movements, coordination, + strength.

Institute by Thrive Dance SK [ Claim Listing ]
Halifax Dance Logo

Break Dancing (Ages 6+)

Breaking is a street style that evolved as a part of the hip hop movement during the early 1970s.

Institute by Halifax Dance [ Claim Listing ]
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Boogaloo Academy Logo


Boogaloo’s breakin’ course allows students to explore their own individual style, while still learning to dance as part of a group.

Institute by Boogaloo Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Confidance Studio Logo

Break Dancing (Ages 7+)

At ConfiDance Studio, Breakdancing classes are currently available to boys and girls, ages seven to adult.

Institute by Confidance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Rhythm Dynamics Dance Inc. Logo

Break Dancing (Ages 4-1 Yrs)

A form of street dance that consists of top rocking, down rocking, power moves and freezes. Dancers will learn footwork and floor work, as well as build strength for power moves and freezes.

Institute by Rhythm Dynamics Dance Inc. [ Claim Listing ]
City Dance Corps Logo

Break Dancing

For beginners, you will work progressively so that proper foundations are taught to prevent injury and promote strong technique.

Institute by City Dance Corps [ Claim Listing ]

The Flava Factory Logo

Break Dancing

Break Dancing is offered by The Flava Factory. Often referred to as “breakdancing” in the media, breakin (or b-boying/b-girling) is a popular style of street dance that is considered one of the original 4 Hip Hop Elements.

Institute by The Flava Factory [ Claim Listing ]
Jill Dreaddy Dance Co. Logo

Break Dancing (Ages 7+)

The dance that laid the foundation for what Hip Hop is today. Learn to express your own personal style with the beat-driven top-rock, the intricate ground work and freezes, and the explosive moves that build strength, balance, and coordination.

Institute by Jill Dreaddy Dance Co. [ Claim Listing ]
Studio Mapistyle Logo


This dance class is divided into two parts: one more choreographic and the other more technical

Institute by Studio Mapistyle [ Claim Listing ]
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