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Are you looking for Flamenco dance classes in Canada?


Here are the Top 10 available Flamenco dance classes in Canada.

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Saskatoon School Of Dance Logo


Flamenco Borealis joined the SSD family in 2019 making SSD a new home for their Flamenco classes. A company founded by a dancer and a guitarist extensively trained in Spain and Canada, Flamenco Borealis offers flamenco classes for all ages and levels.

Institute by Saskatoon School Of Dance [ Claim Listing ]
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All this is done in relation to the traditional songs and rhythms, so that students understand how the dancing relates to the music and can take the first steps toward improvising. Advance from Tangos & Sevillanas to Guajira, Bulerias, Tientos and more.

Institute by Jill Dreaddy Dance Co. [ Claim Listing ]
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Explore both traditional and contemporary Flamenco dance.  Class will explore footwork, braceo (arms), floreo (hands), compas (rhythmn), torso, hips, and vueltas (turns) as you increase the expression of your basics.

Institute by Raino Dance [ Claim Listing ]

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal Logo

Flamenco Dance

Little or no experience in flamenco?  This class primarily focuses on developing a basic sense of musicality. Learn all the useful words and familiarize yourself with some basic movements and start developing coordination, interpretation, listening and assertiveness.

Institute by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal [ Claim Listing ]
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Bolero Dancing classes are offered by Slava Talent Ballroom Dance Studio. Group classes are a fantastic addition to your personalized dance program since you can practice new steps and review steps you may have already learned.

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Fiery, Flirty, Fantastic

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 At the Institute of Dance, we’re proud to offer Winnipeg dancers instruction in both classical Spanish flamenco style and 18th-century Bolero Pericet style. Our adult flamenco classes are designed to explore cantinas with an abanico (fan). We pride ourselves on offering customized instruction t...

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Variety Class

This class is designed to broaden the student's dance experience in various cultures of dance around the world. The class will focus on a new dance style every 3-4 weeks giving students an opportunity to learn the basic movements of various styles of dance such as Flamingo, Celtic, Afro Jazz, etc.

Institute by Ashley Feltham School Of Dance [ Claim Listing ]
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Embodying passion, strength and elegance, the dancer is carried by the accents of a rich music which often combines vocals, guitar and percussion

Institute by House for Dance Quebec [ Claim Listing ]
Alma Flamenca, Saskatoon Flamenco Music & Dance Logo

Flamenco Dance

Flamenco Dance Course is Offered by Alma Flamenca, Saskatoon Flamenco Music & Dance.

Institute by Alma Flamenca, Saskatoon Flamenco Music & Dance [ Claim Listing ]
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