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Are you looking for Jazz dance classes in Canada?


Here are the Top 10 available Jazz dance classes in Canada.

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Piqué Dance Studio International Logo


A Fast Paced Class To Top 40 Music

Institute by Piqué Dance Studio International [ Claim Listing ]
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Jazz is designed to give students technique and style integrated with developing flexibility, strength, and a sense of musicality.

Institute by Dance London [ Claim Listing ]
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Learn solid jazz technique while exploring choreography influenced by a large range of musical styles, from Miles Davis to Rhianna. A high-energy class that is always moving, prepare to get a great workout and have a whole lotta high kicking fun!

Institute by Raino Dance [ Claim Listing ]

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Jazz Dance

Jazz program offers a range of styles from “Broadway style” kicks and precision movements, to more advanced jumps and turns.

Institute by Canadian School of Dance [ Claim Listing ]
Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts Logo


Students will learn body isolations, progressions across the floor, and develop their rhythmic accuracy and style. Dancers will also apply technical skills and jazz dance elements in choreographed combinations.

Institute by Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts [ Claim Listing ]
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Jazz (Age 5)

Historically, Jazz is rooted in the traditions of African dance and music. Jazz dance can be cool, funky and smooth. It stresses rhythm and coordination. The classes are energetic, up tempo and an excellent body conditioner.

Institute by Halifax Dance [ Claim Listing ]
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From beginner to advanced, young to old, the Shelley Shearer School of Dance offers a wide variety of classes and class times to suit all needs. Through our own Jazz dance syllabus, students are exposed to a wide variety of Jazz dance styles and music.

Institute by Shelly Shearer School Of Dance [ Claim Listing ]
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Jazz dance includes an energetic warm-up, stretching, combinations across the floor, as well as fast-paced, technical and fun choreography! Jazz can be seen everywhere from dance music videos to hit Broadway shows.

Institute by Allegro Performing Arts Centre [ Claim Listing ]
Not Just Another Dance Studio Logo


Students are introduced to rhythm and coordination through jazz dance steps, while developing their sense of musicality.

Institute by Not Just Another Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Beyond The Barre Dance Company Logo

Jazz (Ages 7+)

Jazz dance students complete warm-up and stretching exercises before working on skills such as leaps, turns, kicks, and jumps. Jazz is a fun, upbeat class combining technical elements and creativity, all while increasing flexibility, strength and musicality.

Institute by Beyond The Barre Dance Company [ Claim Listing ]
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