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Here are the Top 10 available Jazz dance classes in Canada.

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Rouge Studio Of Dance Logo


This class is open to all dancers, however please note choreo tends to be at an intermediate level.

Institute by Rouge Studio Of Dance [ Claim Listing ]
Boogaloo Academy Logo


Dancers will increase their flexibility, strength, coordination and focus, while tapping into an electrifying performance style that is unique to jazz dance.

Institute by Boogaloo Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Dance Unlimited Logo

Jazz (Ages 2+)

Jazz…a forever-changing dance style since the 1920s. Dances like the Charleston are known as Jazz, but so are the styles of Bob Fosse & Alvin Ailey. Jazz is energetic & fun, consisting of moves, footwork, leaps & turns.

Institute by Dance Unlimited [ Claim Listing ]

Rivertown Dance Academy Logo


Classes are available for all levels and dancers will be placed at the correct level of ability. Catherine developed the syllabus for jazz and method of teaching herself!

Institute by Rivertown Dance Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Pure Energy Dance Logo


Jazz dance is a energetic class that helps increase flexibility, strength, control, musicality and confidence. Dancers will learn various styles of jazz to help develop a well-rounded foundation for increasingly more complex and intricate work.

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Masterworks Dance Studio Logo

Jazz (Ages 9+)

This athletic and high energy form of dance emphasizes form and expression. Students may explore everything from the more traditional genre-defining steps to the fluid movements of lyrical jazz. Younger students can get a taste of this style in our Mix'n'Match classes.

Institute by Masterworks Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Dance Plus Regina Logo

Beginner Jazz (Ages 6-8 Years)

Jazz is a fun and high energy style of dance! All classes will start with a warm-up and muscle stretch to develop and improve flexibility. Class consists of beginner jazz movements including barre technique, body isolations, traveling steps and learning a routine for competition.

Institute by Dance Plus Regina [ Claim Listing ]

Studio One Logo


Students have the opportunity to work towards group or individual competitions, or can come along to classes for their own enjoyment. Lessons are taught by experienced and encouraging instructors.

Institute by Studio One [ Claim Listing ]
Victoria Carter London Dance Centre Logo


Jazz is essential for students wanting today's Musical Theatre or Broadway (Commercial) styles. Jazz is an asset for school shows, local theatre productions & required for professional performance careers.

Institute by Victoria Carter London Dance Centre [ Claim Listing ]
Attitudes In Dance Logo


Students will have the opportunity to study traditional and contemporary jazz styles. Classes will include warm-ups, stretch and strength, turns, jumps and dance combinations. Program is designed to help develop strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

Institute by Attitudes In Dance [ Claim Listing ]
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