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Argentina Tango

This style is danced with a partner in an embrace that can vary from open to closed, in which the leader and follower connect at arms length or chest-to-chest. 

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Group Class

Dancing is a social activity which connects people together and makes learning to dance  much more fun and easy.

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Tango Dance

Tango Dance classes are offered by Arthur Murray Dance Studio Montreal. The Tango with all its staccato movements, greatly improves a man’s lead or a woman’s ability to follow (respond) and develops a strong sense of feeling for music.

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Fred Astaire Dance Studio Ottawa Logo


Feel spicy, playful, loving, sexy, & demanding with the dance of passion. We call the Tango the “dancers dance,” because of the numerous amount of fun techniques involved.

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Tango Dancing classes are offered by Slava Talent Ballroom Dance Studio. Group classes are a fantastic addition to your personalized dance program since you can practice new steps and review steps you may have already learned.

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Dance Class Saskatoon Logo


We not only teach dancing, but show you how to practice on your own. You proceed at your own pace and have the option of learning in private or semi-private settings. 

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Learning to dance is one of life's more pleasant experiences. Unlike most subjects people study; learning, when it comes to dance, is as enjoyable as the finished product. One learns to dance in the hope it will add another dimension to their lifestyle.

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This Dramatic and Passionate dance is known as a dancer's dance, done today primarily by your more serious dancers. 

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Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio in Niagara Logo


The beauty of Tango lies in being totally "present," being completely aware of, and focused on your partner and the music. It is more about the connection with your partner. Tango is an improvised dance, and no piece of music is ever danced the same way twice.

Institute by Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio in Niagara [ Claim Listing ]
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We are passionate about tango and love to share it with you!

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