Abacus Math From Scratch

by Udemy

Improve your calculation ability, brain development, mental arithmetic and number sense-Become an Abacus Master.



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8 Hours, 90 Lectures

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Online Abacus course by Udemy


What you'll learn:

  • How to place numbers on the abacus
  • Solve simple addition and subtraction
  • Calculate mixed addition and subtraction
  • Understand friend number of addition for 5
  • Know complementary numbers for 10
  • Be faster carrying out basic operation like addition and subtraction - if you follow this course fully
  • Perform a quick bit of mental arithmetic
  • Understand multiplication and division



  • Know numbers and basic operations like addition and subtraction
  • If you have an abacus, it would be helpful.


Learn Addition and Subtraction using an Abacus

The entire course leads you through the learning process step by step with multimedia teaching method of the new concept of combining unique character, animation and story telling and makes you study with ease and a lot of fun.

It contains a number of tutorials, which are fundamental for you.

There are many benefits to learning abacus calculation. You can have concentration, patience and sense in number including by working with the abacus and the brain develops while you enjoy the abacus. You can do the sum in your head without a calculator in mathematics.

Also, anyone who wants to strengthen their understanding of abacus or anyone who wishes to learn from scratch or teach it can benefit from this course.


Learn Basic Abacus Arithmetic quickly in this Course

  • Simple Addition and Subtraction
  • Mixed Addition and Subtraction
  • Friend number of addition and subtraction for 5
  • Complementary Numbers for 10
  • 2 Digit Addition and Subtraction
  • 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has no experience about abacus arithmetic or is a beginner.
  • Anyone who wants to teach.
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