Algebra Fundamentals

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Supercharge your algebraic intuition and problem solving skills!



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Online Algebra Fundamentals Course Brilliant


Course Overview:

Explore how algebra works and why it matters, and build a strong foundation of skills across many algebra topics including equations, rates, ratios, and sequences.

By the end of this course, you’ll know both traditional algebraic techniques and many unique problem-solving approaches that aren’t typically covered in school. You'll also improve your algebraic intuition and hone your strategic thinking for approaching difficult problems.


Topics covered:

  • Arithmetic Sequences
  • Algebra Shortcuts
  • Balanced Scale Puzzles
  • Calcdoku Puzzles
  • Difference of Squares
  • Fibonacci Numbers
  • Geometric Sequences
  • Inverse Square Laws
  • Joint Proportionality
  • Linear Equations
  • Magic Squares
  • Solving Systems of Equations
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