Anger Management

by Superprof

Learn true meditation and loose the need to fix yourself. Authentic self-empowerment in Silence, Movement, Nature connection and creative self-expression. This is Living Stillness.



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Online Anger Management course by Superprof


The lessons are tailor-made to support individual needs. On our first session we explore our connection and feel if we are a good match. We go on to clarify all the areas that you need support with and we discover together what your unique gifts, skills and strengths are.

We build on these. We also explore and clarify the nature of 'weaknesses' and how to relate to these, so as to reclaim yourself in and through them.

The practices we use are all about embodying more of your personal strengths, including Love, Peace, Integrity, Wisdom, Courage and your Highest Potential, which are ALL always and already present in you.

The practices will also serve to purify and liberate what creates 'weakness', so called blocks, patterns, issues, traumas and fixed identities, which are already moving through you. You will just learn how NOT to interfere in this process.

As a result of the sessions and the alchemy created, you will have the personal resolve and resilience to do things differently in your life, create change where it is needed, and see your creativity blossom.

And as you apply your deeper truth in your life, new opportunities, people, resources and circumstances will start gathering around you that best match the ever present goodness in you.

People you know will also start re-configuring themselves, and you will feel your true power in Life with like-minded others.

Please Note:

The sessions are specifically for the people who are ready to commit to themselves, and are ready for true change. For people who may have tried everything but nothing has 'worked' so far.

Also, for those who have never ventured into the 'meditation world' before, or know little about it, and are curious, you are also welcomed.

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  • With over 30 years of personal practice, deep experiences and related studies, I am here to be your companion and supportive friend in this phase of your life. I have a Buddhist meditation background as a personal practice (Vipassana), though nowadays stillness is a way of being that is being lived moment to moment. Dance meditation and Nature connection are daily ways of engaging deeper with myself and life. Past experiences of depression and sense of not belonging have given way to a deep rest in the unknown and a deep appreciation and joy in Nature's way. I also have an academic background in studying meditation and nature connection. My PhD was an investigation on how people transform through modern yoga and meditation methods, and my post-doc, through engagement with physical activity in natural environments. These studies have been very useful in evaluating meditative practices from a wider qualitative and socio-cultural perspective, offering me insights about 'what works best' and for who. With qualifications and additional studies in Mindfulness teaching, Dance Meditation & Movement Tutoring, Nature Connection Facilitation, Counseling techniques and Somatic Trauma Therapy, I have led for over 10 years hundreds of courses for groups and individuals in an NHS Mental Health Recovery Learning Programme in the UK. I have also led residential group retreats and workshops as a private facilitator both online and face-to-face. Currently, I offer support predominantly online.
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