Animal Communication For Beginners

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Learn an easy process for communicating with animals telepathically



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Online Animal Communication For beginners  Course by Udemy


About the course:

Have you ever wondered how animal communicators do what they do and wanted to do it for yourself but believed that you needed to have some kind of special gift, or unusual ability to have conversations with animals?

I am a professional animal communicator and I have created this course to tell you that communicating with animals like I do is something that everyone can do... including you! For some people the results come instantly and they are able to start receiving messages after their first attempt, others have to develop their connection over time.

Both ways, practice is vital and I highly recommend practicing with other people’s animals and not your own upon completing the course, which is why I have provided a practice group for students who enjoy the course, or you may practice on the Udemy platform. Once you are more confident in yourself you can communicate with your own animals.    

Maybe you are interested in this course because there have been times when you know that your animal is trying to tell you something and you would like understand what that is.

Or perhaps you would like to find the underlying cause of a behavioural challenge that you are experiencing with your animal.

Even if you want nothing more than to have a casual conversation with your animal friend, then this course is for you. Please be aware that animal communication is a gift for life and should be respected,this is not a quick fix it does require practice like any language you learn! Having said that please check out the great reviews to see how many students have already had great results! 


What you'll learn:

  • This is NOT a course about animal behaviour or body language.

  • Communicate with any animal via a photo. (some people receive single words instantly but most people need to practice first!)

  • Have knowledge of the techniques to quiet the mind to make connecting with animals easier.

  • Have a good understanding of communicating with other people’s animals ethically and respectfully.

  • Send and receive information telepathically.

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  • Claire Bloomfield
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  • Claire Bloomfield - Qualified Animal communicator and Animal energy healer - 4.8 Instructor Rating - 3,386 Reviews - 7,886 Students - Courses
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