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Beginner Contemporary Dance for Teens

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This is a 5 week Introduction to Contemporary dance! We will learn the basics, and learn fun combinations that will build off each other week after week.

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Once Per Week Over 5 Weeks

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Ever week class will begin with a warm-up. We will stretch our muscles, condition for strength and also work on technical elements of Contemporary dance.

The next part of class we will do what we call "Across the Floor." During this section of class, we learn and practice leaps, turns, and small combinations to get our body and mind ready to remember choreography.

The last part of class is what most students find as the most fun! We learn a short dance. These dances will be creative, unique, and really focus on musicality, flow  and technique of Contemporary dance. We will start a dance one week, and then in the next week, we will revisit that dance and add on more to it. That way you can practice what you have learned throughout the week, perfect it by the next class, and learn more!

This class will help you find your inner creativity. It will help you express yourself in ways that feels comfortable on your body, and you will learn how to pick up choreography, all while having a great time!


Learning Goals:

  • Students will learn the basics of Contemporary dance. They will understand the way their body moves, and have increased knowledge of musicality.

  • They will be able to hear the different rhythms of the music, and move their body to those rhythms. All while improving their dance technique, and having fun!



  • Assessments in class are all verbal, for immediate correction.

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  • The kids call me "Ms. Meghan." I have been dancing for more than 30 years, and teaching for 17 of them. I teach styles from Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theater. I also teach all age ranges! If you have a passion for it, I can help you!
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  • Meghan Stefanik
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