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Beginning Norwegian! Learn to Speak the Language of the Vikings!

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In this 6 week course, meeting twice a week, learners will learn the basics of the Norwegian language and how the culture in Norway differs from American and Canadian culture

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6 Weeks

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Online Beginning Norwegian! Learn to Speak the Language of the Vikings! Course by Outschool


Class Experience:

Students will learn the basics of the Norwegian language and culture.


Topics covered will be:

Lesson 1:

  • Greetings and Norwegian letters/sounds

Lesson 2:

  • Question words/word order

Lesson 3:

  • Norwegian Geography

Lesson 4:

  • Family and Subject Pronouns

Lesson 5:

  • Commonly used Nouns & the Possessive

Lesson 6: 

  • Numbers, months & days

Lesson 7:

  • More Numbers, Culture about Shopping & Prices

Lesson 8:

Verbs, typical Norwegian food, how to express the negative

Lesson 9:

  • More verbs, Commonly used Nouns, Word Order

Lesson 10:

  • Norwegian media, movies and social life.

Lesson 11:

  • Road/Street Signs, Demonstrative Pronouns

Lesson 12:

  • The Weather, Colors and Adjectives

Students will interact with each other via video chat. I will teach using examples on a whiteboard, screen sharing, sharing my experiences and by showing realia.

My teaching style is kinestic and I use Total Physical Response (TPR) gestures a lot in my teaching. I encourage interaction from students on the slides, during games, and via discussion.

No prior knowledge of the Norwegian language is necessary.

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  • Teacher's Name
  • Dana Goodier
  • Teacher's Experience
  • I have eighteen years experience as a classroom teacher. I recently earned my EdD in Educational Leadership & Organizational Management. I am a certified teacher in French, German, English as a Second Language, English Language Arts, and Norwegian. Some of my Key Skills are: Multi-Lingual, International Experience, Effective student discipline & Behavioral intervention, Perseverance & Adaptability, Flexible and a Creative thinker. Specialties: • International Baccalaureate trained • Intermediate level Spanish skills • Google certified educator- level 1 • Both urban (low SES) & affluent secondary teaching & leadership experience • Fluent in French, German, and Norwegian • Experience aligning curriculum with state standards • Instructed high-risk and multicultural students • Capacity to learn quickly in new situations
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