Belly Dance Beginner (Level 1, Dancing to 1001 Nights)

by Skillshare

This class is level one: beginners. It focuses on the fundamental steps and movements of bellydance



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Online Belly Dance Beginner: Level 1. Dancing to "1001 Nights" Course by Skillshare


About This Class:

This class is level one: beginners. It focuses on the fundamental steps and movements of bellydance. These are explained in detail to make sure beginner students understand the correct technique.

The movements included in this class will be useful to advance to the next class level. 


Included steps and movements are:

  •  Intro and Safety Posture
  • Hip Accent Up and Hip Drop
  • Twist, Balancing and Figure 8
  • Camel and Reverse Camel
  • Egyptian Circle and African Circle
  • Snake arms
  • Choreography Explanation 
  • Dancing to 1001 Nights
  • Final Thoughts 


At the end of the class the students will apply the learnt movements to a basic choreography to the famous song "1001 Nights". This will be the class project. 

This is my first class published online after 10 years of teaching bellydance in classrooms. I am a professional dancer who has studied for years and performed in different venues and events and worked as an artist from my performances and lessons. Now I am opening my horizon to online lessons. 

At the end of this class the students will master the beginner steps and rise their dancing abilities until they reach an advanced level on which is possible to work and perform as a professional dancer.

With my classes I have shaped professional dancers over the world that now work as performers and teachers.

This class is also valuable to reach and connect with your inner goddess and develop confidence, health and happiness. 

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