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Learn Catalan, English and Spanish with Ángela on Italki.

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Online Learn Catalan, English and Spanish with Ángela on italki


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1. Conversational method:

Focuses on speaking and listening, with minor focus on other skills such as writing or reading. It will suit you if you have a short-term goal, if you are travelling or moving to a Spanish / Catalan speaking region or you learn languages as a hobby.


2. Structured method:

Involves all skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). It will suit you if you want to obtain a language certification or if you find it difficult to stay motivated when you don’t have a very specific goal. Not sure of which one to choose?

We can also combine them, or do something completely different if you have an idea. This is the good part of teaching one-to-one, that I can tailor my lessons to your needs and learning style. You set your goal, I design a specific plan!


3. Accent Reduction: 

If you’ve always dreamed of achieving native-like pronunciation (rolling your Rs, intonation, etc.) this is your lesson type. We’ll identify your mother tongue interferences and work on one of them in each lesson.

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italki is a global language learning community that connects students and teachers for 1-on-1 online language.

At italki, you can become fluent in any language by taking lessons with online teachers from around the world. Whether you are learning Chinese for business, Spanish for travel, or Arabic for personal interest, italki can connect you to the right teacher for your schedule, budget, and learning style.

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