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Curious World STEM Camp

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Feed your young inventor's sense of discovery with this exciting camp. They’ll try all sorts of hands-on experiments and make new friends as they learn about the world around them.

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2 Hours Daily Sessions + Bonus Activities

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Online Curious World STEM Camp by Varsity Tutors


Get that lab coat ready!

Daily Labs:

  • Each day, campers and their fellow curious friends will join an expert instructor to learn about energy, motion, biology, and more. Lab material is inspired by our featured guest star.


Online Curious World STEM Camp by Varsity Tutors


Lab 1: Energy & Forces Lab:

  • Explore—and learn to take advantage of—the natural forces of gravity, magnetism, friction, and more. Warning: when you work with gravity, things tend to fall down.


Lab 2: Motion Lab:

  • Become a master of movement as you leverage velocity, acceleration, and propulsion to make things go. Warning: you may be asked to create your own rocket.


Lab 3: Biology Lab:

  • Discover the wonder of life—and bring your pets as examples—as you explore the plant and animal kingdom around you. Warning: have soap nearby because you’ll probably get your hands dirty.


Lab 4: Machine Lab:

  • Become an inventor using household items and the properties of simple machines to create toys and tools. Warning: machines only do the work for you after you’ve done the work to build them.


Lab 5: Chemistry Lab:

  • Discover the building blocks of our world as you experiment with compounds, solutions, and change. Warning: some might say polymer is just a fancy word for slime.


Online Curious World STEM Camp by Varsity Tutors


AfterCamp Creator Challenges:

  • When the Labs are over for the day, campers can head to the Learning Lab where they’ll find daily Creator Challenges led by featured guest stars and designed to expand their understanding of science.


Online Curious World STEM Camp by Varsity Tutors


Unplug Projects:

  • So much of science happens away from the computer screen. That’s why your camper will get a set of engaging (and safe) hands-on activities they can do outside and around the house.


Online Curious World STEM Camp by Varsity Tutors


Curious World STEM StarCourses:

What happens when sodium and water mix? And how does gravity work? Your camper will learn the answers to these types of questions when they join featured guest stars in our upcoming live Curious World STEM StarCourses.

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  • Bill Nye, Abigail Harrison, Phil Cook
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  • Bill Nye Science Educator, Author, and CEO of The Planetary Society Abigail Harrison Abigail Harrison Astrobiologist, Space Advocate, Future Mars Traveler Phil Cook, Scientist Phil Cook The TikTok Chemist, Teacher, Scientist
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