Farm Cheese Making for Beginners

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Making Delicious Fresh Farm Cheese in 7 steps



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Online Farm Cheese Making for Beginners Course by Udemy



This cheese making course is going to teach you to make cheese as we do at our Terra do Milho farm. Every day we have fresh milk from our goats. The milk is mostly turned into a Chevre like fresh cheese. Our recipe is original from our farm.

The cheese can also be made with sheep an cows milk or with raw or pasteurised milk that you buy. The course explains the cheeses making proces in 7 clear steps that are easy to follow. There is a pdf included with a summary and a list with necessities. Most of the things that you need to make cheese are probably part of your kitchen utilities, so no big investments are required.

Cheese making is for everybody. Om our farm we taught a lot of people how to make cheese. After learning they all practiced the cheese making for a while. Cheese making is not only for professionals and enterprises, it is also something you can do in your home kitchen.

At the end of the course you will be able to make your own fresh cheese. You will also be able to understand the basic why’s of cheese making.

If you like good home made food on your table, what stops you? Learn making cheese with Terra do Milho!


What you'll learn:

  • Be able to make a delisious fresh cheese

  • Know about the principles of cheese making



  • Basic cooking skills


Who this course is for:

  • Homesteaders/small farmers who just have the first milk from their goats

  • Chefs that want to start developing their own cheese

  • Frugal house wives who want save money on buying cheese

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  • Monique
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  • Monique Volkers - Owner of a Permaculture farm - 4.2 Instructor Rating - 35 Reviews - 148 Students - 1 Course
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