Flips & Kicks (Beginner Guide for Martial Arts & Gymnastics)

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Learn Martial Arts Acrobatics Flips & Kicks, Regain Your Confidence and Upgrade Fitness,Tricking,Health and Happiness



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Online Flips & Kicks | Beginner Guide for Martial Arts & Gymnastics course by Udemy



Do you want to become acrobatic and learn crazy flips and kicks? But....

  • You struggle with the fear of falling and hurting yourself?

  • You do not feel confident and you think the difficulty of the skills is too high for you anyways?

  • You have no clear progressions and you do not know where to start?


In this course I will show you how I regained my confidence by learning really cool acrobatic flips and kicks -  without the fear of falling. And how you can do the exact same thing!

Wether you are a professional athlete who wants to widen his skillset or a beginner starting out - you will be able to progress at your own pace at home following clear and efficient step by step progressions.

Master this acrobatic flips and kicks course and get full control over your body and mind!

While there are plenty of tricking tutorials out there that show how to learn martial arts acrobatics and gymnastics sills, it is difficult to find a comprehensive beginner to advanced course like this one. Particularly for those with little time and experience it is hard because there are so many different methods but no consistent progression line.

This course offers slow but clear and efficient progressions to learn step by step without the fear of injury and hurting yourself. In addition to the main technical aspects of martial arts tricking, acrobatics and gymnastics moves, it covers a lot of information about conditioning, warming-up and interesting background information about martial arts acrobatics in general.


Course Bonuses

  • All the tutorials, chapters and lessons are built upon each other and everything comes from one source

  • Direct feedback and help from me your instructor...you can ask me and we will solve any problem together

  • This course builds up on my previous courses and is the perfect addition

  • Filmed in HD quality and a cool design makes course a nice source to work with

  • Challenges during the course makes it even more fun to learn


The key things you will learn

  • How to become more confident by training acrobatic moves

  • Background information about acrobatic flips and kicks

  • Two full body warm-up follow along bodyweight routines covering exercises from head to toe

  • Knowing how to learn acrobatic flips and kicks by following clear and efficient progressions

  • Knowing how to train safely and without the fear of falling and hurting yourself

  • Mastering all 10 acrobatic moves, flips and kicks

  • Knowing how to combine single moves into "combos" and move like the wind


Master all 10 Moves, Kicks & Flips

  • Handstand

  • Dropspin

  • Scoot

  • Roundoff

  • Hook Kick

  • Pop 360 Kick

  • Gumbi

  • Running Aerial

  • Fronthandspring

  • Backhandspring


Contents and Overview:

This course starts with a welcoming section. First you will get an overview about the course. I will shortly introduce myself to you so that you know which whom you will work over the duration of this course. After that you will get introduced to the course structure and how to follow the sections and lectures.

Before diving into the acrobatic training you learn how to correctly prepare your body. Warming up is an essential element to learning martial arts acrobatics and improving your fitness.

You find two full body warm-up follow along routines. These bodyweight workouts are extremely useful for every kind of training and cover many essential exercises from head to toe!

Once you know how to warm-up you can head start into the main part of this course - the moves! You will start by learning basic gymnastic skills and ground moves like the Handstand, Dropspin, Scoot and the Roundoff.

Then you will learn kicks like the Hook Kick and the Pop 360 Kick. And from there it continues to flips like the Running Aerial, Fronthandspring and Backhandspring. Step by step and with slow but efficient progressions you will go through 10 moves which will take you from beginner to advanced level.

As a natural side effect you will significantly increase your body control, balance and agility. You will get into better shape than ever and widen your range of abilities.

While learning the moves you will also encounter special theory lectures. You will learn a lot about setups and practice already two of the most important setups. You also gain important knowledge about flipping motions in general.

In between the main sections of the moves you will be asked to combine the freshly learned moves with each other. You can choose between 3 different difficulty levels and you can decide how far you want to challenge yourself.

At the end when you have mastered all the moves and feel confident about them - there will be a bonus section for you. In this section you will learn how to combine all the acrobatic flips and kicks and create really interesting combinations.

By no later than that, flips and kicks will have become incredibly easy and fun for you! You have regained your confidence, have full control over your body and your abilities and you can be totally creative in movement!

If you want to learn Acrobatic Moves, Flips and Kicks...then this course is exactly right for you! All my fee-based courses have a 30-day money-back guarantee through Udemy. That means you are able to check it out, make sure it`s the right course for you, and get a refund if it`s not.


Are you ready to start learning?

Do not hesitate and start your training now! With this online course you can take it at your own pace. Even though you might be too busy right now you can enrol today and take the course at your own pace.

Try it out and and have fun. Thank you so much for your interest in my course "Acrobatic Flips & Kicks | Complete Beginner to Advanced Guide".

See you inside and .... train smart!

Tom Inauen / TOMTRICKS


Who this course is for:

  • For everyone who is interested in learning acrobatic flips and kicks

  • For everyone who is interested in learning gymnastics and martial arts related movements

  • Trickers, Martial Artists, Acrobats, Artists, Fitness & Training Enthusiasts, Dancers, Stuntmen, Traceurs & Freerunners


What you'll learn

  • You`ll learn 10 different acrobatic movements taking you slowly and step by step from a beginner to an advanced level

  • Every training and new skill will boost your confidence. You start to feel better, have better health and more self confidence.

  • You`ll become acrobatic, super fit and have a wide range of abilities to use your body as something to really play and "roll around"

  • A variety of gymnastics and bodyweight exercises will teach you exactly how to strengthen your body and to become more flexible

  • By learning acrobatic flips and kicks you will naturally increase your balance, body control and agility



  • A positive mindset & motivation to put in the necessary time to learn acrobatic moves

  • You need one soft crash mat (could be your bed mattress or air mattress) and a somewhat open space (could be garage, backyard) to follow the progressions safely

  • Ideally you would have completed my previous course "Flips&Kicks! A Beginners Guide To Martialarts Acrobatics" but it is not mandatory

  • While any experience in the field of acrobatics or martial arts will help - it is not necessary

  • Online Branch

    Online, Online, Online
  • Teacher's Name
  • Thomas
  • Teacher's Experience
  • Hello! My name is Thomas Inauen, but my friends call me Tom. Tomtricks was founded in 2008 in Appenzell/Switzerland. I never thought it would become what it is today. It's much more than just another online program... it's physical education for anyone interested in martial arts and acrobatic movement. I am a trained fitness instructor and personal trainer and have been doing martial arts and acrobatics for many years. I have a great passion for training in general and regularly travel abroad to expand my knowledge. Acrobatics and martial arts have always been my great passion and I would like to share my knowledge and fascination with you. I love helping people improve their fitness and I teach a variety of movements in martial arts and acrobatics. Thank you for being here, I really appreciate it! Thomas Inauen
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