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Geography graduate from the Manchester university teaching environmental economics and related modules, social studies, geography and welfare economics.



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I will help you assemble your notes and prepare you for exams. I can help you develop an understanding for the fundamentals of the topic and help you solve practice assignments.

I have plans on how we can work together in order to achieve a goal in a way that suits them and provides an engaging, interesting and beneficial lesson.

Students that have an urgent need of exam preparation can also contact me. I can help you develop an understanding for the fundamentals of the topic and help you solve practice assingments

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  • I am a 1st class Geography graduate from Manchester University. I currently work as a Geography Academic Coach in an inner-city secondary school working with young people to help them achieve better grades for their GCSE and A-Levels. I have over 3 years of teaching experience both local and abroad, working with a range of levels from Primary to Undergraduate. I have worked with both large groups and small, 1-1 classes. I have a broad geographical knowledge, having travelled across different continents for varying reasons, including teaching and working with a charity organizations. On a personal level, I am a patient, friendly and approachable person who is dedicated to enhancing the education of both young and mature students and helping them work towards and achieving a goal, whilst providing a stress-free and fun learning environment.
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