Home Science Experiments for Kids

by International Open Academy

Help children to fall in love with science and see how it relates to their everyday lives and doesn’t just belong in a laboratory. The home science experiments for kids in this course are fun and educational. Children get to experiment while discovering what science means.



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Online Home Science Experiments for Kids by International Open Academy


Children are curious and love seeing how things work. What’s even better is doing stuff for themselves. Especially when it’s fun, exciting and a little crazy. And this online course has 50 madcap science experiments for kids at home.

Kids will feel like a wizard at Hogwarts as they use household objects and kitchen appliances to recreate mind-blowing experiments. At home, science experiments for kids are so entertaining that they’ll want to do them again and again.

As well as sparking their interest in science, you’re turning their attention off screen time. Start now and pick which of the easy-to-follow experiments to carry out first.



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Module 1: Let’s Get Started!

  • Make your own submarine
  • Create a cloud in a bottle
  • Rice quicksand
  • Homemade litmus test
  • Iron out your cereal
  • Hurricane in a bottle
  • Is that egg hard-boiled?
  • Measure the speed of light with margarine
  • Freeze a soft drink, instantly
  • Chip bag fireworks


Module 2: Fun Experiments For Future Scientists

  • Homemade fiber optics
  • Soft drink volcano
  • Toaster-powered hot-air balloon
  • Use your loaf - how to make bread taste sweet
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Extract DNA from a kiwi
  • How to fool your senses
  • Electric slime
  • The chemistry of coppers
  • Make your own pond skater


Module 3: At-home Fun With Science

  • Make your own magnifying glass
  • Homemade lava lamp
  • Strange glows from sugar
  • The mysterious sound of an oven shelf
  • Just chill out.. your glow stick
  • Tangtastic: make your own fizzy candy
  • Plant hydraulics, and why slugs and salt don’t mix
  • Hang an ice cube from a thread
  • Liquid behaving badly
  • Invisibility cloak


Module 4: Even More Fun Home Science

  • Turn milk into cheese
  • Is that really orange?
  • Homemade mini fire extinguisher
  • How to make a force field
  • Invisible ink
  • Seeing the invisible
  • The world’s cheapest camera
  • Images from a magnifying glass
  • Confuse your balance
  • DIY butter


Module 5: Getting Your Kids Excited About Science

  • Boiling yogurt containers
  • Flying tubes
  • Make your own gulf stream
  • Music from a wine glass
  • The science of tidal waves
  • The science of pool
  • The science of bells and coffee cups
  • Jam jars and flywheels
  • Waterproof handkerchief
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