How to Start a Career in the Football (Soccer) Business (Sport Operations and Management)

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A Comprehensive and Practical Course on How to Get a Job in Football (Soccer) via an Expert's Advice



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Online How to Start a Career in the Football (Soccer) Business: Sport Operations and Management Course by Skillshare


About This Class:

When most of us think of jobs within the football (soccer) industry, the list is usually exhausted after the players, officials and coaching team. But behind the scenes are the inner-workings of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world comprising a vast array of careers that keep the beautiful game ticking.

If you are interested in getting management or operational roles within the football industry, you have a difficult job ahead. Football management careers can indeed pay very well, however, getting your career started and becoming successful can turn out to be more difficult than you think.

Moreover, while getting a degree in football or sports management can boost your chances of success, you will need reliable information and strategies to be able to figure out the rules.

Saam Momen is the creator of this course and has worked at reputable sport marketing agencies and at the heart of the European football (UEFA) and knows what it really takes to succeed in the industry. He has condensed years of knowledge together with some extensive study, research and conversation with other experts and turned it into an all-inclusive, informative guide.

With women and girls becoming more interested and involved in all aspects of football, employment opportunities are increasingly available for them in what has been a male dominant environment. This online course is targeted at both genders and the opportunities described within are available for males and females. However, there is a specific module where additional opportunities for women and girls can be found.

This course intends to break down all of the difficulties mentioned previously into practical steps you can take immediately and start to focus your career into the right direction. This is a rare opportunity to get your football management career started (or back on track), connect and access the best opportunities in the football industry, and get insights amongst other things of industry-recognised institutions providing educational degrees in football and sports management.


Here are the key areas this course will be covering:

  • Networking: Networking is one of the essential tools for growth in any career and football is no exception. However, the rules are slightly different when it comes to football management. During the course you will learn how to locate the right networking environments within the football industry and how to seize the opportunities when you are faced with them.

  • Football Seminars: Football Seminars are ideal for networking opportunities. Insights on the best seminars available will be given.

  • Women in Football: Women and girls have long faced bias and discrimination that has seen a low representation at the top of the sport. These days, however, women are finding increasing opportunities to succeed in the football industry. We will discuss here the events, organisations and courses which help to increase the diversity and impact of women in football around the world.

  • Volunteering: From Saam’s personal experience, this is the best way to start your football management career. He will be sharing recommendations about why, how and where to engage as a volunteer.

  • Preparing for an Interview: A comparison of interviews for ‘normal’ jobs and those for jobs in the football industry will be found in this course. A look at the interview formats involved, the skill set that you should display, the questions you may be asked and the questions that you can be asking your prospective employer will also be provided.

  • Job Fair: With Saam’s experience and extensive connection within the sports industry, he will introduce you to what is considered arguably the best football and sports job fair in Europe. This is a unique occasion to be face to face with the recruitment departments of the best football entities in the world, an opportunity not to be missed.

  • Career Websites for Football Management Professionals: Saam will be sharing with you some of the best career websites which in some cases host head-hunters focused on the football industry. Here you will also find a guide with over 500 job websites for men's and women's football in Europe.

  • Freelancing: Yes, you can be a freelancer as a sports/football management professional. This course will show you how you can be free to work from anywhere you wish and take up multiple jobs at the same time.

  • Football startups: One approach to entering into the football industry is to create your own enterprise or startup. Creating a startup can be an effective alternative for some recent graduates or even those who are changing career paths to gain access to the sports industry using their current skills. Insights to the best ways on doing so are given.

  • Literature/podcasts: Continuous education is an important way to stay up to date with career trends in football and sports. Saam will delve into some interesting findings on how you can learn more about the industry from books and podcasts that he will recommend.

  • Best Undergraduate Degrees: If you want to pursue an undergraduate degree in sports/football management and you don’t know which colleges/universities to apply to, information will be shared about some of the best universities offering undergraduate courses in this area. You can be sure that these are reputable institutions often preferred by sports recruiters.

  • Best Masters' degrees: This is the hardest and at the same time easiest way to secure the job you are looking for in the football industry… and you will find out why in this course!

  • Executive Education: Want to learn more in-depth knowledge and how to super charge your sports analytics and technology knowledge? This course will delve into two courses provided by the best universities in the world, Harvard and MIT.

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