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I am very flexible to the needs and interests of the students. Apart from teaching German and English I am also here to teach you Hungarian, my native language. I’ve gained a lot of experience in teaching Hungarian to both German and English speakers, both in person and on skype and I simply love it!

I have been learning languages all my life, so I know from first hand experience how difficult it is to learn a language and how nervous you can get when it comes to speaking! In my lessons I’ll encourage you to speak in the given language as much as possible by using pictures, stories, articles etc.

I’ll also make sure that you enjoy the lesson because I know that if you have fun you are at ease and you are not worrying that much about making mistakes. Speaking about mistakes, my motto is: "Mistakes are good".


It's simple: You can learn a lot from them! I always encourage my students to "play" with the language, to take "risks" and say things even when they are not sure that their sentence is correct! Why? It's simple again: this is the only way to make progress!

This is the way kids learn their mother tongue! You will never get better if you "play safe" and you only say things of which you know for sure that they are correct. I also love teaching grammar! I know it might sound weird but I love grammar and linguistics as well.

So, if you have difficulty understanding German or English grammar, I am more than happy to help you! So, let's make mistakes and let's learn together:)

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