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Learn To Play HARMONICA, The Easiest Instrument To Pick Up!

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Ultimate diatonic harmonica lessons, blues, country music, rock; you will learn how to play on/off stage, solo/group

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23.5 Hours, 242 Lectures

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Online Harmonica classes by Udemy


What you'll learn:

  • how to play the 12 bar blues, chords, rhythms, tone and chugging
  • how to breathe properly, use straight and swing rhythms
  • how to play single notes with pucker and tongue-blocked embouchures
  • scales, modes and positions, single/double/triple tonguing
  • how to use major and minor pentatonic scales for improvising and soloing
  • how to bend notes, use the hands properly, different types of vibratos and tremolos
  • how to play in the Masters' styles - Sonny Terry, Sonnyboy Williamson etc



  • All you need is a 10 hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C.
  • Even if you've been told you are musically hopeless you can play harmonica! The famous harp slinger Lee Oskar was told that at school!
  • You don't need any previous musical experience
  • Tone deaf? no problem! You can play harmonica.



Udemy's BEST SELLING ultimate and complete harmonica course - with over 17,000 students.

No harmonica experience? No problem, I'll walk you through nice and slow.


Did you ever fool around with a harmonica as a kid?

Would you like to learn to play the harmonica better now?

Do you play guitar, piano, ukulele or are you a singer and want to add harmonica into your act?

Do you want an instrument that's easy to pick up, store and carry?

Did you inherit a harmonica and want to pay respect to the original owner??

Where you inspired by Bob Dylan, Sonny Terry, Little Walter, Mick Jagger?

Would you like to play in a church, campfire, band or jam session?

Do you think harmonica will help with COPD or other health issues?

Is this a retirement 'bucket-list' project?


If you answered yes to any of those who are in the right place.

This course will help you become a great harmonica player. All you need to do is follow the lectures in order plus some practice and you will start to feel a surge of confidence as you see your skills increasing daily.

This will be exciting, fun, and challenging – I think you will thoroughly enjoy it!


Who this course is for:

  • This is for you if you fancy having a go at the harmonica.
  • And if you've played a bit and need a refresh you will be amazed what you learn on this course.
  • Intermediate players will also learn heaps. Look through the lectures and see what we cover - everyone will learn something.
  • We all had a harmonica as a kid - now' it's time to reconnect with this amazing little toy!
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