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Learning Go

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Learning Go Course with David Gassner

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Online Learning Go Course with David Gassner


What is Go? Go is a next-generation, open-source programming language created by Google for building systems, web, and other applications. This course is designed to help developers get started with Go, covering its core language elements and syntax.

David Gassner introduces tools and skills used in a Go workflow—including Go Playground, an online tool that takes Go development off the desktop. He also covers basic programming tasks: managing values, using math operators, storing values as complex types, and managing program flow.

Plus, learn how to structure Go code for maximum readability and performance, read and write files, and make simple web requests.


Skills covered in this course:

  • GO (Programming Language)

  • Software Development

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  • David Gassner
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  • David Gassner - Managing Staff Instructor, LinkedIn Learning Technology Library at LinkedIn David Gassner is the author of over 60 video-based technical training courses for software developers. - David is a senior staff instructor who specializes in development platforms and programming languages including Android and Java. He currently creates training content for Android developers and content that covers multiple programming languages including Java, C#, Visual Basic, and Go.
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