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Machine Learning with PyTorch LiveLessons (Video Training)

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Learn the main concepts and techniques used in modern machine learning and deep neural networks through numerous examples written in PyTorch.

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Online Machine Learning with PyTorch LiveLessons (Video Training) course by InformIT



This course begins with the basic concepts of machine and deep learning. Subsequently, you gain a reasonable familiarity with the main features of PyTorch and learn how it can be applied to some popular problem domains.


Learn How To:

  • Apply various machine and deep learning techniques
  • Understand the difference between various machine and deep learning libraries
  • Create classifiers
  • Enhance an existing classifier


Course Requirements:

Programming experience



Lesson 1: What Is Machine Learning? What Is Deep Learning?

Learning objectives:

1.1 Understand the course at a high level

1.2 Describe the techniques used in machine learning

1.3 Describe the libraries used in machine learning

1.4 Understand the difference between “deep learning” and other ML techniques

1.5 Utilize additional concepts in ML

1.6 Understand the types of network layers and activation functions

1.7 Understand metrics


Lesson 2: Comparing Several Libraries

Learning objectives:

2.1 Perform a task in scikit-learn

2.2 Perform a task in Keras (with TensorFlow)

2.3 Perform a task in PyTorch

2.4 Classify an image with PyTorch


Lesson 3: Understanding PyTorch

Learning objectives:

3.1 Use tensors, autograd, and NumPy interfaces

3.2 Establish a low-level neural network

3.3 Implement a neural network with torch.nn

3.4 Understand why bias is important

3.5 Identify other torch tools


Lesson 4: Tasks with Networks

Learning objectives:

4.1 Create a simple feature classifier—Part 1

4.2 Create a simple feature classifier—Part 2

4.3 Create an image classifier

4.4 Utilize regression prediction

4.5 Do clustering with PyTorch

4.6 Use generative adversarial networks—Part 1

4.7 Use generative adversarial networks—Part 2

4.8 Use a part of speech tagger


Lesson 5: Enhancing an Image Classifier

Learning objectives:

5.1 Start with torchvision.models

5.2 Retrain pretrained models

5.3 Modify network layer

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  • Teacher's Name
  • David Mertz
  • Teacher's Experience
  • David Mertz has been involved with the Python community for 20 years, with data science (under various earlier names), and with machine learning (since way back when it was more likely to be called “artificial intelligence”). He was a director of the Python Software Foundation for six years and continues to serve on, or chair, a variety of PSF working groups. He has also written quite a bit about Python: the column “Charming Python” for IBM developerWorks, for many years; the book Text Processing in Python (Addison-Wesley, 2003); and two short books for O’Reilly. He created the data science training program for Anaconda, Inc., and was a senior trainer for them.
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  • Male
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