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Making Hip Hop Beats In Logic Pro X

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Make your own beat from scratch in logic pro x. Make your beat industry standard by using some of the same techniques Producers and engineers use. All the while showing you studio tricks that are used in Rap and using logic pro's signal flow and third party plug ins,will help you make your track

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Number of Lectures: 7, Total Duration: 02:38:37

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Online Making Hip Hop Beats In Logic Pro X Course by Simpliv


What will you learn:

  • Create a beat from scratch (Picking drum sounds and synth sounds)
  • Arranging the beat for a Rapper to write to
  • Creating a rough mix to send to a rapper or writer
  • Track the vocals on the beat
  • Mix the beat for mastering


Basic knowledge:

  • Basic music theory is recommended and there is a free course
  • you can take on this website









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