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Mesmerizing Belly Dancing - 1

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6 Different Belly Dance Combinations, 2 Challenge Combinations. Upper Body & Lower Body Dance Moves. Free PDF for Moves & Drills. Start Belly Dance Now!

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Online Mesmerizing Belly Dancing - 1 Course by Simpliv


What will you learn:


This course will provide you with the skills to perform the following:

  • Upper Body Belly Dance Moves: Horizontal Rib Slides R/L, and F/B, Chest Raise & Release, Horizontal Rib Box, Vertical Rib Box, Chest "V's", Horizontal Chest Figure 8's F/B, Vertical Chest Figure 8s up/down, and Snake Arm
  • Lower Body Belly Dance Moves: Horizontal Hip Slides R/L and F/B, Pelvic Squares, Hip Twists, Hip Ups, and Pelvic Tilts, Horizontal Hip Figure 8 F/B, 4/4 Hip Shimmy, and the Loose Hip Shimmy
  • Belly Dance Combinations:  3 upper body belly dance combinations, 3 lower body belly dance combinations, and 2 challenge dance combinations that incorporate upper and lower body belly dance moves
  • Belly Dance Choreography:  You will learn an original choreography set to drum rhythms that will incorporate many of the moves learned throughout the course 


Basic knowledge:

Have a willingness to have fun and learn new moves!

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