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A class to introduce the Swedish language and practice pronunciation and basic conversations

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Online På svenska- Basic Swedish Course by Outschool


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Swedish is an old language with ties to the Norse language but has also been influenced by German, French, and English.

In this class, the student will learn to use a few Swedish expression and learn how to pronounce Swedish and decode a Swedish text.

We will cover the following in this class:

  • Pronunciation of the Swedish alphabet and the letters Å, Ä Ö. 
  • Basic Swedish words for food, animals, weather, directions and typical Swedish expressions like lagom, fika and allemänsrätten. 
  • Counting, weekdays, months, and seasons
  • How to use the pronouns en/ett and den/det
  • Phrases to use in social situations like saying hello, asking how someone is doing, asking for someone's name and also asking for directions. 
  • There will be a Spotify playlist with Swedish songs to listen to. 
  • The first two weeks will be pronunciation and the alphabet and then we will work around small stories/ short texts about everyday situations.
  • The student doesn't need to know any Swedish in beforehand but has to be willing to participate in class and say the letters, words or phrases. To get the most out of the class it is important to practice in between the classes. 
  • The students will also get vocabulary lists
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  • Teacher's Name
  • Jessika O'Sullivan
  • Teacher's Experience
  • I am an immigrant from Sweden and have a masters degree in education from Lund/Malmö University. I used to teach social and political science, religion and geography. I have worked with children for almost 25 years. I have worked with playgroups, grade school children and high school graduates. I love writing! I write because it brings me joy and because it always teaches me something about myself and the world around me. I have two awards from Writer's Digest for one short story and one poem. I have many passions; Folklore, photography, nature, books and history. History has always been one of my biggest interests and especially the little person who we most of the time don't get to read about in the history books. The best things about teaching to me are to ignite an interest of the world and develop a curious mind in my students. I use a wide range of teaching technics for example; discussions, essay writing, and research. I try to schedule new sections as soon as possible. If I don’t reply to your personal requests, please keep your eyes open for a new section. Looking forward to seeing your learner in class
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