Personal Trainer Certification

by Shaw Academy

Whether you wish to become a personal trainer or up-skill in fitness & weight loss, our advanced fitness diploma will equip you with the skills to take your fitness career to the next level.



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16 Weeks

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Online Personal Trainer Certification Course by Shawacademy


Online Personal Trainer Certification Course by Shawacademy


What you'll Learn:

1. How Do You Measure Up?

  • In lesson 1, you will find out why it is so important to eat well and exercise regularly to maintain your physical fitness, mental health and the first step on how to enjoy every step of the process.


2. Cardiovascular Exercise:

  • In lesson 2 we will break down one of the most misused types of exercise, Cardio (Cardiovascular exercise).

  • Learn how steady cardio (L.I.S.S.) and high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) play an important role in your fitness, body shape and overall energy levels.


3. Understanding Weight Loss & Weight Gain:

  • The most important factor which determines whether you gain or lose weight is the number of alories you consume on a weekly basis. As the old saying goes “You can’t out train a bad diet.”.

  • In this lesson we look at energy balance, food quality, how these play a vital role in the results you want and why obesity is on the rise worldwide.


4. Strength Training & Shaping the Body:

  • In this lesson we look at how strength training is the most effective exercise for shaping your body, burning fat and the basics of starting strength.


5. Understanding Fat Loss and Body Shape:

  • Fat loss is not just about creating a calorie deficit. If you negatively effect your hormones from either over training or lack of fuel, then you will slow and even stop your fat loss.

  • In this lesson you will learn how to properly manage your diet, priorities, and daily habit to optimise your hormone levels along with the importance fat los plays in body shape.


6. Controlling Your Body Shape:

  • In this lesson we piece together what you have learnt so far and how this knowledge will help control your weight, body shape and energy levels long term.

  • We will also look at what changes you need to make to get from higher body fat levels to moderate and lean body fat levels through practical meal planning.


7. Injury Prevention and Recovery:

  • Injury prevention is one of the most overlooked and ignored parts of a healthy lifestyle. Most back problems these days are from postural imbalances caused from sedentary lifestyles or poor mobility.

  • In this lesson, we look at the importance of mobility not just for your training and recovery but also for your daily life.


8. Barriers to Your Results:

  • Even with the most perfectly designed individual fitness program there are common barriers that can stop people from achieving their desired results.

  • In the last lesson of module 1 we look at overcoming stress, fitting fitness into your life and enjoying the whole process.



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