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MD std (Honors) with a graduate degree (Bachelors of Science) experienced in physics courses helping you overcome and decode every physics course!



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Online Physics course by Superprof


My expertise in medicine and physics allows me to teach in a very specific approach where I would be aiming to convey the necessary understanding of each topic but also to understand its real life application and usage.

After all, you're taking this course because you chose to, and I'm here to guide you and help you excel through it.

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  • Jeffry
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  • I am currently an Honors student in the Faculty of Medicine, I have obtained my Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the American University of Beirut. I've been offering free tutoring for my colleagues in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics. Physics is one of my strong attributes as I am able to translate the difficult concepts into easy and straightforward ones. If you're looking to ACE that physics course in Engineering, premed or even high school: I'm here to accomplish that with you!
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  • Male
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