Send Quick, Accurate Construction Estimates

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Streamline estimating, re-estimating, and change orders while eliminating allowance pricing



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Online Send Quick, Accurate Construction Estimates course by Udemy



Building accurate construction estimates is extremely difficult and time consuming for most contractors.  On top of this, re-estimates and change orders suck up even more time. 

Without streamlining all of this a contractor can easily end up frustrated and unable to scale their company.  This course provides any contractor with the knowledge necessarily to use CostCertified's platform to build and send very accurate quotes in minutes while eliminating the need for allowance pricing. 

It also shows the contractor how they can streamline and even automate a huge part of re-estimates and change orders.  By the end of the course you should be able to build and send a construction quote using CostCertified in minutes that wow your customers!


Who this course is for:

  • Contractors

  • Remodelers

  • Home Builders


What you'll learn

  • Construction estimating

  • How to use CostCertified software

  • How to send accurate construction quotes in minutes using CostCertified

  • How to allow real-time upgrades instead of allowance pricing

  • How to automate re-estimates & change orders

  • How to build a profitable contracting company

  • How to generate leads

  • How to manage leads better

  • How to increase your profit per project

  • How to win more bids



  • A CostCertified account

  • Online Branch

    Online, Online, Online
  • Teacher's Name
  • David
  • Teacher's Experience
  • Dave has helped companies in construction, insurance, and finance generate more leads and teach them how to manage them for better conversions. After building a very successful digital agency and selling it, Dave decided to focus his efforts on helping contractors in the construction industry send better estimates and streamline a huge part of their business.
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