The Complete Course For Krav Maga. (Practitioner 1-5 Level)

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The Complete Course For Krav Maga will teach you to be a Real Tough Warrior and Prevail in a Street fight



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Online The Complete Course For Krav Maga. (Practitioner 1-5 Level) Course by Udemy



This course is a Krav Maga course, so by definition you will learn the most efficient self-defense system that there is right now in the world.

You will learn all the curriculum of the five first Levels as you were in a Krav Maga school.

In this course you will learn how to Win a street fight quick and efficient and knock out the other guy and protect yourself and your loved ones.

This course is made to be very easy to understand and perform the techniques.

In Krav Maga there is no rules, is exactly like the street, a street fight is chaos and we will teach you how to dominate chaos.

Krav Maga is a system that the most Police and Military Units around the Globe use and train and depend their lives to this system.



Because Krav Maga WORKS, krav maga is simple to learn, is simple to performed and used under extreme pressure and fear.

All the techniques in this course are given by level, explained in every little detail so it will be totally understand by the student that took the course.

But also this Course is designed in such a way that it could help a Krav Maga instructor with all the key points that he will need, and also it will help a general Martial Art Instructor to understand, learn and put to his class new things.

This is not a Krav Maga course with some techniques from the curriculum, this is the course that gives ALL the curriculum of the first five levels in Krav Maga. (2 Years of training minimum in Krav Maga School)

Krav Maga was made for everybody, Imi Lichtenfeld the founder of Krav Maga he used to say I make Krav Maga “so that one may walk in peace.”


Who this course is for:

  • This course is for everybody, everybody that wants to know how to defend himself and their loved ones, should take this course.
  • Every one that wants to know Krav Maga must take this course.
  • Any Krav Maga practitioner regardless of the Federetion or School that is practicing who want to have a solid foundation in Krav Maga.
  • Any Martial Art Practitioner who want to learn the self defence point of view and put in new techniques in his quiver.
  • Any Krav Maga instructor that needs to remember and see all the key points and the details for a technique and have all the Curriculum in his mobile phone.
  • Any General Martial Arts Instructor that want to know the new highly expanding and growing self defence system and put it in their class new things.


What you'll learn:

  • You will learn all the curriculum of the five first Levels of Krav Maga as you were in a Krav Maga school.

  • Understanding the mindset of Krav Maga and self-defense

  • Krav Maga stances and correct way of moving in a fighting situation.

  • How to Punch (all varieties)

  • How to Kick (all varieties)

  • Defence in Chokes

  • Defence in Headlocks

  • Defence in Punches & Kicks (all angles)

  • Defence in Knife Threats

  • Defence in Knife Attacks

  • Defence in Bear Hugs

  • Defence in Ground Attacks

  • Defence in Stick Attacks

  • How to use boxing shield pad

  • How to use boxing bag

  • How to do Sparring (Light & Hard)

  • How to deal with a variety of scenarios

  • How to Kick and Knee The Groin area so you will knock out someone immediately

  • Teach you how to become a warrior and not a worrier



  • There is no any requirement for this Course. Just the will to learn and love Martial Arts and Self Defence.

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