The Complete Tennis Course: Take Your Game to the Next Level

by Skillshare

The Complete Tennis Course: Take Your Game to the Next Level Course with Joseph Correa



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Online The Complete Tennis Course: Take Your Game to the Next Level Course by Skillshare


These are some of the things you will learn:

- How to hit a topspin forehand, topspin backhand, slice backhand, kick serve, slice serve, increase serve speed

- How to prepare for a tennis tournament (including the training program calendar)

- How to improve your conditioning

- Improve your mental toughness

- When to use specific strategies


For more advanced players, the Serve Harder Training Program is included so that you can start serving harder than ever before. The Serve Harder Training Program charts are also included so that you can track your progress and perform the training in an organized fashion. When you train with a plan you reach your goals much faster. 

Also, you will find a Tennis tournament training calendar so that you can make Real changes in a specific amount of time. For many tennis players, training hard isn't the problem, it's seeing progress that becomes difficult over time. 

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  • Joseph Correa
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  • Having played professionally and coached players at all levels, coach Joseph Correa will teach you how to drastically enhance your skill level and prepare you for success. He takes a very different approach to teaching by using techniques that have been successful in other sports and areas of life and using them to accelerate his students overall improvement. Coach Joseph Correa has published many tennis books and videos on technique, strategy, competition, conditioning
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