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The Ultimate Guide To Logic Pro X Instrument Plugins & VSTs

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In this course you will understand and master all of Logic Pro X’s virtual instrument plugins, synthesizers and VSTs.

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The Ultimate Guide To Logic Pro X Instrument Plugins & VSTs


Which Logic Instruments Does the Course Cover?

Starting with a complete introduction to Synthesis mini-course, this course builds through the most simple instruments sequentially, right up to the most complex - covering everything you need to know about the following Logic Pro X instruments:

  • ESM
  • ESE
  • ESP
  • ES1
  • EFM
  • Retro Synth
  • ES2
  • ESX24 Sampler
  • EVOC PS Vocoder
  • Complete Alchemy Synthesiser Course
  • Sculpture
  • Vintage Clav
  • Vintage Electric Piano
  • Vintage B3 Hammond Organ
  • Logic Pro Drummer
  • Drum Kit Designer
  • Drum Machine Designer
  • Ultrabeat Complete Course

In addition, I cover core concepts behind using these virtual instruments that allow you to use them exceedingly well. Concepts and guides to the controls of things like:

  • Envelopes, Filters and Modulation
  • Filters, Sends and EffectsPreparing your own samples and building your own sampled instrument
  • Sequencers, Arpeggiators and Vector EnvelopesXY Pads, Midi Controllers (CCs and Via modulations
  • Morphing, Macros and Global ControlsModelled instruments, 
  • Principles behind and getting the best out of the Logic DrummerPrinciples of Library Management and organising your library as a composer/producer
  • Frequency Modulation (FM) Synthesis, Sync Synthesis and Virtual Analog DigitalGranular Synthesis, Spectral Synthesis and Formant


What will you learn:

  • Understand and use every single button, dial and fader in every single Logic Pro X instrument
  • Understand the core concepts of synthesis
  • Edit and understand any patch that you open up in a Logic Pro X VST
  • How to create your own sampled instruments. Build your own drum kit from scratch
  • Build your own extensive patches within logic with ease and know immediately how to emulate the sounds you hear in commercial music
  • Master modulation, the key to dynamic and musical sounds that sit well in your mix
  • Create endless variations and super interesting drum grooves
  • Resample Sounds Copyright Free (make sure you get legal advice first!)
  • Understand advanced synthesis methods like: granular synthesis, additive synthesis, granular synthesis, spectral synthesis and formant
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