Training Dog Parkour (TreT-Style)

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How to make your dog a Superhero? Extreme-training by the method of legendary TreT.



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2.5 Hours, 33 Lectures

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What you'll learn:

  • Your dog will learn how to do unbelievable tricks which are inapproachable for most of dogs on this planet. Your dog will be able to do things which cannot be repeated even by dogs which done special famous and modern types and methods of dog's training!
  • Your dog will jump much higher and much further comparing to oher dogs; your dog will become physically stronger, firmer, faster, speedy, hardy and braver!
  • Your dog will be able to overpass different kinds of barriers, jump over high fences, climb the trees, bluff rocks and other surfaces (as a real rock climber), climb the staircases, walk on very narrow surfaces etc!
  • Your dog will forget his innate fear of the height for good and all, which most dogs have withour reference to the kind of the dog!
  • Your dog will learn how to think all over by himself in a correct direction and he he will be able to choose the most optimal way of overpassing the barrier in the present condition!
  • Henceforth your dog is not going to walk sleepily walk on a glade or a square but will do a physical training on a regular basis. This will have a positive influence on his appetite, moods and of course on the health condition! As a result your dog will be ill very seldom!
  • You will present your dog a sterling and happy life, full not only with simple dog’s joy, but deep with a great amount of new events and very interesting impressions which most of dogs can only dream about (unfortunately)!
  • You will learn and practice the exercises which will be very useful for your dog in his everyday life. They will form skills to react on sudden situation in a quick (and correct way) – as well as on a dangerous situation (for example, to jump from a car etc).
  • You will feel yourself much better because you will start spending a lot of time outdoors on the fresh air and having physical training with your dog. The TreT-Style means not only a work from the side of your dog but some amount of particular physical activities from your side as well!
  • Without facing problems your dog will render innocuous even the speediest criminal (who is not aware of dog’s abilities), if you use your dog for the security of the territory, objects or placements!
  • You will be able to train your dog in a desirable direction – especially if your dog does any specific work: rescue dog, bodyguard, hunter etc!
  • During the training of the following course, the nervous system of your dog will be much improved and developed. The dog will become more balanced which will be very useful for different kinds trainings! Besides, your dog will have a normal reaction on work in extreme conditions (which is very important in rescuing kinds of work)!
  • You will be able to use your dog for guarding practically any kind of object, because there will be no irresistible barriers for your dog if you have a correct approach in your training!
  • Nothing will stop your dog! He will find a correct way to overpass particularly any kind of barriers on his way!
  • Your dog (especially it regards young dogs) will have a normal development, because the trainings of the course will bring to him a whole ocean of new emotions and necessarily impressions!
  • You will display all true and unfeigned abilities of your dog!
  • If you have children, they will stop escaping walking with your dog (as it usually happens in most cases) – they will ask on their own to have a walk with the dog!
  • Your children will have another interesting but worthy hobby in their life (instead of alcohol and cigarettes)!
  • If your children are quite young, you will be able to organize real circus performances which will bring sincere delight, happiness, tender emotions, applause and laught!
  • You will teach your dog unbelievable tricks of parkour!
  • You will be able to practice with your dog any convenient time and any appropriate place – you do not need complicated items or special facilities!
  • You will make your dog literally an ideal dog!
  • If you do active sports, your dog will become your reliable friend and helper in all your favourite activities and hobbies. The mutual rest will bring you enjoyment to all members of your family!
  • All members of your family will receive a great amount of positive emotions when they see WHAT (as it turned out) their "ordinary" dog is able to do!
  • Your dog will start trusting you completely!
  • Your mutual understanding will become much better!
  • You and your dog will become real (truthful and faithful) friends who respect and understand each other in half-word!
  • Your dog will get used to city conditions (its socialization) and will become much more self-confident in the conditions of the street!
  • In spite of usual types of trainings (when a particular skill is needed more for the owner than for the dog) TreT-Style-Training will let you to develop necessary skills and intellect of your dog, which are necessary first of all for the dog (not for the owner)!
  • Your dog will be able to take actions in any circumjacent situation!
  • A rescue dog, which has been trained by TreT-Style method, will be able to get to places where an ordinary dog would never manage to get in! Finally your dog will be able to rescue somebodies life or even several lives! You and your dog will become real heroes!
  • Your dog will become a real pride for you and for other people as well!
  • Your dog will become much braver and will get rid of many inherent fears, which are common for “ordinary” dogs. As a result your dog will be able to develop all his natural talents at most!
  • You will be able to take part in the competitions of TreT-Style! Such kind of activities among the dogs who have achieved particular positive results in this interesting kind of sport are already planned for the nearest!
  • You and your dog will become famous in the Internet very easily. You will become real heroes of YouTube and popular social nets. You may even be shooted in a movie – as it happened to me and TreT!
  • Your own life and the life of your pet will become much more interesting, more colorful and full of interesting events!
  • You will be able to develop a unique and profitable business-direction in your city and earn good money on teaching others dog’s parkour (using the training TreT method)!
  • If you are a professional dog trainer, you will be able to diversify your standard programs of dogs’ trainings with TreT-Style and earn much money for your services. Also you will be be distinguished against the background of other competitors who provide same kind of services! Starting from you will not go to your clients – they will come to you!
  • The following course is a perfect supplement to any kind of dog’s trainings (it does not compete with them, it elaborate them)!
  • Etc...



  • For lessons on the course do not need any special knowledge - either from you or from your dog.
  • All you need to do, is explained in detail in the lessons of the course.
  • You need only your desire and your dog a good mood! :)


Who this course is for:

  • The course is needed by all who are tired of boring walking with his dog, and who wants to diversify not only their lives, but also make bright and interesting life of your pet!
  • The course will be useful to owners of absolutely all breeds of dogs!
  • The course is useful as a simple dog owners and professional trainers for training dogs (guard dogs, rescue dogs, guard, hunting, etc.).
  • Restrictions on the use of the course: the dog should not be much older (old), otherwise it will not be able to carry out tasks of the course. Also, the dog should not have a serious illness (ie to be healthy). In all the other no restrictions for the development of the lessons of course not.
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