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Ultimate Guide To Breakdance For Beginners

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Ultimate Guide To Breakdance For Beginners course with RichStylez TV

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Online Ultimate Guide To Breakdance For Beginners course with RichStylez TV


Ultimate Guide To Breakdance For Beginners: An indepth guide to b-boy foundation, Technique and Style made SIMPLE.

Become Confident and learn how to dance.

Have you been to parties or "Breakdance Jams" (B-boy Competitions) and seen those guys spinning on the floor and doing Amazing moves?

Have you always wanted to learn but were too nervous to take class or didn't know where?

Ultimate Guide To Breakdance For Beginners Destroys all of your limiting beliefs, because YOU can do it and you can learn it in 2x the time than taking class.

  • Why most people can't/won't dance? One of the reasons is that they are stuck in their heads and have no idea what to do when they get on the dance floor and everyone is looking!!

  • When I was first starting I was so nervous to get on the dance floor and dance that I would freeze up and refuse to go in.

  • After you learn these moves and get the key concepts down you will get to where it took me 3 years to get to.

You will have the Confidence to jump into the dance floor without thinking about it because you will drill all the moves you need to look like an amazing dancer with years of experience behind his belt.

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  • RichStylez
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  • Hello, I'm RichStylez. Born and raised in New York City, I have trained with the best dancers NYC has to offer. I've been dancing for over 13 years. I am a travelling dancer where I learn from the best dancers and teachers I can find.
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