Top 10 Ballet Dance Classes in India |


Course Fees : ₹7500 to ₹180000

Planning to learn Ballet in India?


Here is a table of Ballet classes in India along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Imperial Fernando Ballet Company


Regular Open Ballet Class,


30 - 150 days

₹2,800 - ₹12,000

Walk-In : ₹500

Central Contemporary Ballet


KG Ballet ( Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced)

1-9 months

₹2,950 - ₹21,240

The Dance Club India


Ballet classes for Kids

1 hour/session

Monthly Fees – ₹3,500


3 Months Fees – ₹8,000

Bella Academy


American Ballet Theatre Masterclass

3 days


TR Dance Company


Ballet Dance Class

1-3 months

₹2,500-₹. 5,500

Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts


L1 Ballet for Early Birds

30 hours


Danzza Institute of Modern Dance


Leap Summer Workshop (Contemporary Ballet)

2 ½ hours


Shuffle Street



Professional Diploma Course

3 months-1 year

₹15,000 - ₹45,000

Free To Fly Dance Studio


Kids Dance Classes

1 - 3 months

₹1,000 - ₹5,000 

Delhi Dance Academy


Ballet Dance Class

2-3 hours/ session

₹3,000 - ₹19,000


What are the Top Ballet schools in India?


1. The School of Classical Ballet and Western Dance - Mumbai

2. National Ballet & Academy Trust of India - Delhi

3. The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet - Bangalore

4. Leo's Dance Academy -  Chennai

5. The Danceworx - Mumbai

6. Arpita Step Up Dance Academy - Vile Parle

7. The Dance Club India - Gurgaon

8. TR Dance Company - Bandra

9. Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio - Bengaluru 

10. Rhythmosaic School & Dance Institute - Kolkata


What is the cost of Ballet classes in India?


  • As the table shows, taking a Ballet Class in India has a possible cost, ranging from ₹500 up to ₹45,000.


  • ₹500 may be considered as the cheapest price for taking a Ballet Class in India, which is for a Walk-In type of class.


  • On the other hand, as shown on the table, taking a Ballet Class in India may cost up to ₹45,000. With this being said, it offers a student not only a year of coaching and training but also a Professional Diploma that gives an opportunity to teach a class, how to choreograph a song, how to organize events and shows and many more.


  • Some academies or schools depend their fees with the duration of the class they are providing, like the number of hours, weeks, months and years. The shortest class duration of 2 ½  hours, which is held for one day, cost ₹850. While others offer a certain number of hours per session in a month (₹3,000 - ₹19,000). Longest duration is good for a year that may cost ₹45,000.


  • Other reasons are whether it is an age-defined class (e.g Adult Class or Kids Class) - ₹1,000 - ₹21,240; or a seasonal-based class (e.g Spring or Summer class) - ₹850 - up.



What is the duration of Ballet classes in India?


  • A student may choose whether it will be on a per session basis, per number of hours, days and months.
  • As per the table, the shortest duration is good for 2 ½ hours spent for a day. There’s also an option for longer hours on a per session basis good for a month.
  • Showing on the table, the longest duration in taking the Ballet Dance class in India is good for 1 year.



What is the salary of a Ballet Instructor in India?


The average salary for a Ballet Dance Instructor in India is ₹17,053 per month.


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