Although the keyword has replaced the woodwind instrument accordion, however, with the efforts of accordion players such as Prakash, it is still alive in India and well. This article will provide all the information related to accordion classes in India. 


Here’s a glimpse of accordion classes in India: 





Delhi School of Music

Diploma program

INR 600 - 11000 per quarter

Institute of Modern Music

Certificate program



Why should you take up accordion classes in India?


There are various benefits of taking up accordion classes in India. Some of them are listed below: 


  • India has many renowned institutes that are more than four-decade-old. Therefore, the expertise on offer is immense. 


  • Learning an instrument in India is relatively inexpensive as evident from the course fees of renowned institutes. 
  • India is home to some of the famous accordion players that changed the course of music in the 60s era. Their legacy can be seen even now in the way music has transformed in the country. 


What is the cost of accordion classes in India?


The cost of accordion classes in India varies from one institute to the other. One of the renowned institutes Delhi School of Music charges INR 600 - 11000 per quarter for its diploma program. 


What is the average duration of accordion classes in India?


The average duration in which you should be able to learn accordion as an instrument is 6 months to a year. This ideally includes one class of 45 to 55 minutes per week.


What are the famous music institutes that offer accordion classes in India?


Here’s a list of institutes that offer accordion training classes in India: 


1. Delhi School of Music, New Delhi

2. Calcutta School of Music, Kolkata

3. Institute of Modern Music, Pune


What will I learn by taking up accordion classes in India?


By taking up accordion classes in India, you will learn the following: 


  • How to handle the instrument independently and understand its nuances.
  • How to improvise and enhance playing techniques. 
  • How to present the instrument in stage shows, recordings, and workshops. 
  • Techniques of orchestration, music management, and composition.


What jobs can I get as an Accordion player in India?


After completion of accordion classes in India, these are the jobs you can avail: 


  • Music director for Bollywood movies or independent musicians
  • Accordion player for music studios
  • Background composer
  • Open your own music studio 

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