Top 10 Drums Lessons in India |


Course Fees : ₹1200 to ₹8000

Looking for Drums classes in India?


The different types of Indian drums are:


  • Chenda
  • Pung
  • Kartal
  • Tabla
  • Dholki
  • Mridangam
  • Cajon
  • Dholak


What are the Top Drum class providers in India?


The most famous institutes that offer Drum classes in India are: 


1. Nathaniel School of Music, Bangalore

2. Arya Institute of Performing Arts, Lucknow

3. Delhi School of Music Delhi

4. Furtados School of Music Bangalore

5. The Calcutta School of Music, Kolkata

6. The Music School, Bangalore 

7. Philips International School of Music, Hyderabad

8. Trinity School of Music, Bangalore

9. Zen Music academy, Thane


What is the cost of Drum classes in India?


Listed below is the cost of Drum classes in India from some popular music schools in India,




Nathaniel School of Music

Rs. 20,000

Arya Institute of Performing Arts

Rs. 24,000 

Delhi School of Music

Rs.11,000 Per Quarter

Philips International School of Music

Rs.4,030 per month



What is the average duration of Drum classes in India?


The Duration of Drum classes in India are listed below,




Nathaniel School of Music

4 Months 

Arya Institute of Performing Arts

96 classes

Delhi School of Music

class of 55 minutes per week


Why take Drum classes in India?


Listed below are few reasons on why one should learn Drum classes in India


  • Drums play a vital role in any orchestra and form the basis for bollywood music.
  • Drums have widely been used in music therapy in India. Its tactile nature and versatility pave the way for many people to express themselves.
  • Drums have a unique ability to transfer skills to other instruments.
  • It helps you improve your coordination
  • It gives you an opportunity to evolve and improve constantly.


What will I learn by taking Drum classes in India?


Drum classes in India course syllabus include:


  • Introduction to the Drums
  • Drums Terminology
  • Basic Hand & Feet Introduction
  • Basic Beats
  • Basic Roll Patterns
  • The Crash, Fills, and Phrases 
  • Eighth Note Groove
  • Musical Form
  • Bass Drum 8ths
  • 16th Note Fills
  • Longer Phrases 


What jobs can I get as a Drummer in India?


The career choices one can choose upon completing the Drum classes in India are:


  • Teaching
  • Music Directors and Composers
  • Playing in concerts Solo
  • Bands and orchestras
  • Work in the recording studios
  • Manage music events
  • Musicians and Singers
  • Sound Engineering Technicians

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