The ghatam is a percussion instrument that is native to South India. It is referred to as magda in some other states of India. Nowadays, people are reverting back to learning Carnatic music. 


Amongst that, percussion instruments like Ghatam stand out. A number of Ghatam classes in India are being provided by esteemed musicians and professional ghatam players. 


If you are a budding percussion performer, this is the way to go. However, you should take into account some important facts before you apply for the Ghatam classes in India. 


Course Name

Average Cost of the course 

Average Duration of Ghatam classes in India

Ghatam Classes

INR 1000 - INR 2500 per month. 

50-52 weeks


Why you should learn Ghatam classes in India?


Being the country of origin of Ghatam, you can rely on the fact that the Ghatam classes in India will probably be an ideal option that you should go with. There are many incredibly talented musicians and highly qualified Ghatam players that provide Ghatam classes in India. 

The syllabus is highly advanced and pretty substantial. It consists of a number of modules and parts. It includes regular hours of disciplined practice of playing the instrument and other technical skills; extensive theory on the history and importance of the Ghatam. 


Once you perform well in these classes, you will be an expert in the field yourself. Thus you can apply for diverse and well-paying jobs even. 


What is the cost of Ghatam classes in India?


The cost of Ghatam classes in India varies amongst different teachers and online music education programs. However, the average price can be estimated. 


The fees for Ghatam classes in India are charged on a monthly basis. The price range starts from INR 1000 per month to around INR 2500 per month. 


What is the average duration of Ghatam classes in India?


For a beginner, the average duration of Ghatam classes in India is fifty to fifty-two weeks. However, the course can expand up to three to four years if you choose to study even the intermediate and advanced courses. 


What are the most famous Ghatam classes in India?


Some of the classes where you can get Ghatam training in India are as follows:


1. Bhartiya Sangeetha Vidyalaya, Bangalore

2. Ghatam Karthick, Chennai

3. Mysore Vadiraj, Mysore

4. Gautam Institute, Delhi

5. Gautam Kale Sangeet Gurukul, Indore


What will I learn by taking Ghatam classes in India?


There are a number of topics to be learned and understood if you are taking Ghatam Classes in India. They keep increasing in number in beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. 


These topics have been listed below:


  • Devotional Drumming for kirtans
  • Rhythm Techniques
  • Carnatic Percussion Technical skills in Ghatam
  • History and Cultural Importance of the Ghatam
  • Cross-musical Composition
  • Reciting and Finger Techniques
  • Theory and Fundamentals of the instrument
  • Pre-Aadhi and Aadhi Thalam skills
  • Akshara skills
  • Mohara and Korvai lessons
  • Life History and contribution of major Ghatam Players


What jobs can I get by taking Ghatam classes in India?


Once you complete your Ghatam Classes in India, you can apply for really well-paying jobs. These have been listed below:


  • Carnatic Percussion Musicologist
  • Ghatam Teacher
  • Percussion Consultant for Carnatic concerts in colleges and schools
  • Carnatic Music orchestra member/entrepreneur
  • Professional Ghatam player

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