Top 10 Keyboard Lessons in India |


Course Fees : ₹500 to ₹8000

Planning to learn to play Keyboard in India?


Here’s an overview of different keyboard training classes in India: 






Sangeet Gurugriha Academy of Performing Arts

Keyboard tuitions


INR 1400 per month

Furtados School of Music

Certification program

20 weeks per semester



What are the best keyboard classes in India?


Here’s a list of institutes that offer keyboard classes in India: 


1. Sangeet Gurugriha Academy of Performing Arts, Bengaluru

2. Furtados School of Music, Bengaluru

3. Delhi School of Music, New Delhi

4. Calcutta School of Music, Kolkata


What is the duration of keyboard classes in India?


A keyboard certification program at Furtados School of Music is spread over many semesters, each semester is 20 weeks long. 


What is the cost of keyboard classes in India?


Keyboard classes at Sangeet Gurugriha Academy of Performing Arts cost INR 1400 per month. 


Why learn to play a keyboard in India?


This is why you should take up keyboard classes in India: 


  • Keyboard enjoys immense popularity in the Indian music scene and there are many institutes in the country that offer end-to-end keyboard training to budding musicians.


  • There is a wide range of classes in India that teach keyboard to beginners as well as advanced students. 


What will I learn from keyboard classes in India?


The learning outcomes of keyboard classes in India are: 


  • How to effectively fill in harmony with apt and amazing notes.
  • Finger placement techniques to master keys and chords. 
  • Mastery in a wide range of musical styles including soft rock, pop, and other contemporary styles. 


What jobs can I take after completing keyboard training in India?


Post completion of keyboard training in India, you will be able to take up the following jobs: 


  • Professional keyboard player for a band
  • Professional keyboard player for music studios
  • Independent musician
  • Music teacher
  • Keyboard instructor