Top 10 Piano Lessons in India |


Course Fees : ₹3000 to ₹125000

What are the Top Piano classes in India?


The most famous institutes that offer Piano training classes in India  are: 

1. KM Music Conservatory, Chennai

2. Arya Institute of Performing Arts, Lucknow

3. Delhi School of Music Delhi, New Delhi

4. Furtados School of Music Bangalore, Bangalore

5. The Calcutta School of Music, Kolkata

6. The Music School, Bangalore 

7. Philips Piano Academy, Bangalore

8. Trinity School of Music, Bangalore

9. Harmony, The Music School, Bangalore


What is the cost of Piano classes in India?


Listed below is the cost of Piano training classes in India from the country’s famous music institutes. Many other schools provide fee details during the time of enrollment. 




KM Music Conservatory

Rs.1,25,000 per Year

Arya Institute of Performing Arts

Rs.30,000 Per Year

Delhi School of Music

Rs.11,000 Per Quarter



What is the duration of Piano classes in India?

The Duration of Piano training classes in India are listed below:


Institute Name


KM Music Conservatory

1 year 

Arya Institute of Performing Arts

1 year

Delhi School of Music

Class of 55 minutes per week

Furtados School of Music

20 Classes per Semester


Why learn to play Piano in India?


Piano training classes in India have moved on from being a vocational course or hobby to a full-time profession. 


There are many well-renowned schools with international accreditation and syllabus that teach in a very systematic manner and also offer collaborations, partnerships, dual-degree programs. 


This enables the students to gain international exposure and learn the adaptation of the instrument in various cultures.


Learning western classical music, especially Piano training classes in India has become a popular trend. Although the origin dates back to 1700, Piano has always been in trend and youngsters have always shown interest in learning it. 

Lydian Nadhaswaram, a Chennai based Pianist gained popularity by winning an American reality show. Other famous pianists include:


  • A.R. Rahman
  • Bikram Mitra
  • Utsav LalAdnan 
  • Sami Tushar Lall


On a professional front, the job opportunities are plenty and vary from teaching to composing in movies. Upon successfully completing a degree and with talent, students are given opportunities to perform at different levels and reach recognition and popularity.



What will I learn from a Piano course in India?


Piano training classes in India course syllabus includes:


  • Introduction to Piano
  • Piano Technique Fundamentals
  • The elements of Music
  • How to play Chords
  • How to play scales
  • Music Theory Fundamentals
  • Rhythm Fundamentals
  • How to Read Music
  • Practice songs


What jobs can I get as a Pianist in India?


The career choices one can choose upon completing the  Piano training classes in India are:


  • Teaching
  • Film Music composition
  • Playing in concerts Solo
  • Bands and orchestras
  • Work in the recording studios
  • Manage music events
  • Write music-related articles