Top 10 Tabla Lessons in India |


Course Fees : ₹1000 to ₹2500

Tabla course in India is popular as India is the land of classical music. Tabla is a musical instrument that consists of two drums which must be played using the fingers and palms. Bols is the language description of Tabla, it is the sound that drums make with each stroke.


Also, Tabla is the main percussion instrument primarily used in Hindustani classical Vocal music as well as Carnatic Vocal music. The course is taught in many music academies and universities.


What are the best Tabla music schools in India?


The most famous institutes and universities offering Tabla courses in India are: 


1. Bansilal Badruka School of Music And Dance (BBSMD), Hyderabad

2. Bhaatkhande Sangit Vidyalaya, New Delhi

3. Sri Bhaktha Ramadasu Govt. College of Music and Dance, Secunderabad

4. Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Pune

5. Kadambari Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Ghaziabad


What is the cost of Tabla classes in India?


 The cost of a Tabla course in India depends largely on the level and duration of the course.


On average,for a class of 24 months duration, the per month cost is as follows: 


  • Beginner -Rs.3570 
  • Intermediate - Rs. 4230 
  • Advanced - Rs.3950.


Colleges charge on a semester or yearly basis and the information is provided during the time of enrollment.


What is the duration of Tabla classes in India?


The duration of Tabla classes in India are listed below,




Bansilal Badruka School of Music And Dance (BBSMD)

1 year

Bhaatkhande Sangit Vidyalaya

1 year Certificate Course, 3 years Diploma Course & 5 year Degree Courses. 

Sri Bhaktha Ramadasu Govt. College of

Music and Dance

1 year Certificate Course, 3 years Diploma Course


Why learn to play Tabla in India?


Tabla course in India and in general has the following benefits,


  • Tabla plays a prominent role in carnatic music and folk music. Hence learning tabla helps you be part of a music troop and grow as a musician and travel around the world.


  • Synchronism in Body, Mind as well as the other senses are vastly improved by playing Tabla.


  • One can grow as practicing tabla improves students’ ability to concentrate and complement their studies & physical fitness.


  • It is considered a healing art and therefore helps in attaining a better sense of wellbeing.


What will I learn from Tabla classes in India?


Tabla courses in India course syllabus is as follows:


  • A short history of Tabla / Pakhawaj and its modification in modern times.
  • Explanation of various Gharanas and Baaj with examples
  • Information about various Gaayan Shailee (vocal styles) and Gayan Prakaara (vocal types).

a) Khyaal (vilambit – drut)

b) Dhrupad

c) Thumri

d) Bhajan

e) Taraana

  • Performance knowledge of Tabla for Swatantra or solo and Saath Sangat accompaniment
  • Good and bad qualities of Tabla / Pakhawaj artist.
  • Tabla: To be able to write notation of Kalidas and Relaas of Tritaal, Jhaptaal and Ektaal.
  •  The procedure of how to tune your instrument.
  • Knowledge of various pitched tabla to be used with different musical styles for accompaniment.
  • Procedure and reason for using dough on the banyu of Pakhawaj.


What jobs can I get as a Tabla player in India?


The career choices one can choose upon completing the  Tabla courses in India: 


  • Start a successful cover band
  • Professional songwriter for television and movies
  • Work as a studio/session Tabla Player
  • Play in a backing band
  • Start a business teaching Tabla
  • Freelance Tabla Player
  • Tabla teacher at a school or university
  • Music composer
  • Musical Therapy Aid