Top 10 Violin Lessons in India |


Course Fees : ₹600 to ₹6000

The first-ever violin was made in the year 1555, however, the history of the violin in India can be traced further back. India has some of the best music schools and academies that offer quality music education. 


Here’s an overview of violin classes in India: 






Shankar Mahadevan Academy

Violin 201

12 Weeks

INR 9299

Furtados School of Music

Violin Classes

20 Weeks per semester



Why should I take up violin classes in India?


This is why you should take up violin classes in India:


  • Learn the essence of Indian classical music through the violin. 
  • Get the opportunity to learn from industry role-players and renowned musicians. 
  • Benefit from the wide range of employment opportunities in the Indian music industry.


What is the average duration of violin classes in India?


A violin class per semester is 20 weeks long at Furtados School of Music. 


What is the average cost of violin classes in India?


A violin class at Shankar Mahadevan Academy (12 Weeks program) cost INR 9299. 


What are the famous music schools offering violin classes in India?


Here’s a list of institutes that offer violin classes in India:


1. Shankar Mahadevan Academy, Bengaluru

2. Furtados School of Music, Bengaluru

3. Nadasudha School of Music, Bengaluru

4. Harmony - The Music School, Bengaluru


What will I learn by taking up violin classes in India?


The learning outcomes of taking up violin classes in India are: 


  • Understand the nuances and grammar of the scales of Bowli, Hindolam, and Sri.
  • Play ragas and compositions with ease. 
  • Create musical phrases within ragas and take the first step in manodharma.


What jobs can I get as a violinist in India?


Post completion of a violin class in India, you can take up the following jobs:


  • Violin Teacher
  • Independent artist
  • Professional violinist for a music studio
  • Music composer