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The trend of eyelash extensions started over a century ago. Back in 1902, a famous inventor and hair stylist Karl Nessler came up with the idea of false eyelashes in London. 


This idea went on in America and today millions of females go for eyelash extensions as it saves their time and effort. If you want to learn all about eyelash extensions and what you can do with this talent in India, then make sure that you stick to the end of this article.


There are many beauty academies and eyelash extension courses that are offered in different cities of India such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. 


Finding an eyelash extension course in India is not that difficult these days. Especially when we have collected different eyelash extension academies and courses in the list below from which you can choose according to your preference.


You can purchase a pack of eyelash extensions at Rs 1500 which is quite affordable in India. Other than this you can also go for the cheaper ones that offer 16 eyelash extensions charging you Rs 500 per packet. 


The price depends on the quality. If you want to make sure that your skin or eyes are not negatively affected by any possible side effects, then we would recommend you to use high-quality eyelash extensions.


The trend of eyelash extensions is booming day by day. Every other day, Indian bloggers like Ankita Srivastava, Gia Kashyap, Ishika Sachdev and Kritika Khurana come up with the latest looks with the perfect eyelash extensions!


So do you want to learn how to master the art of eyelash extensions?


Do you want to invest in a talent that will provide fruitful income later on? 


Then you must consider taking eyelash extension classes in India and become a beauty expert just like the rest!


Learning how to do eyelash extensions is a great way to earn a good income in India. Due to the latest trends and high demand for eyelash extensions, most makeup technicians are adding eyelash extensions to their expertise. 


You can complete an eyelash extension course in two days at a price of Rs 1,500 or more depending on the expertise of the eyelash extension academy you are about to join or recognition of the course.


You can select from many academies in India to become an expert in dealing with eyelash extensions. Some examples of famous eyelash academies in India are; Zorains Studio in Bengaluru, Hypno Lash Extension Academy in Mumbai, SMA Makeup Academy in Pune and many others. 


These academies are being managed by highly-qualified eyelash extension experts who have valid certificates and education in the beauty industry.


We have collected hundreds of eyelash extension courses and classes that are available all across India. Feel free to select the course that fits your requirements perfectly. 


There are experts out there who are ready to teach you all about their eyelash extension magic so hurry up and join in before the seats get reserved!

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