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Are you looking for Choir classes in New Zealand?


Here are the Top 10 available Choir classes in New Zealand.

18 course(s) offered by 12 institutes in New Zealand
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Music Classes for Choirs, Ensembles & Bands

Music is supposed to be a group activity – which is why playing music is always better with friends!

Institute by Christchurch Music Academy [ Claim Listing ]
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Wellso (Wellington Late Starters’ Orchestra)

Designed to be a fun, enjoyable experience tailored as much as possible to your level this programme is perfect for all those late teens to adults (any age) wanting to get out of their rooms and play music with others.

Institute by Rata Studios [ Claim Listing ]
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The school provides Ministry of Education subsidised group music lessons for primary and intermediate age school students

Cheapest Institute by Marshall Laing Music School [ Claim Listing ]

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Howick Youth Orchestra

The Howick School of Music is home to the Howick Youth Orchestra and HSM Concert Band as well as providing orchestral and band opportunities for younger players.

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Beginner Youth Orchestra

Perfect for students in the Free Beginner Classes and basic Affordable Group Classes. Under the guidance of Anna Maitland, children will learn to follow a conductor, work in a group, gain knowledge about orchestral etiquette, and hone their pitch and rhythmic skills.

Institute by Nelson Centre of Musical Arts [ Claim Listing ]
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Out of School Music classes are intended to give all primary school children the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

Institute by Out Of School Music [ Claim Listing ]
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Orchestra classes are offered by Hastings Piano Teacher. Hastings piano teacher Wendy Hunt is the person for you. Wendy is happy to teach all, from young children to mature adults, from beginners to advanced students. 

Institute by Hastings Piano Teacher [ Claim Listing ]

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There is nothing quite like the experience of playing in an orchestra and at CSM we believe this is an important part of the learning process.

Institute by Christchurch School Of Music [ Claim Listing ]
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A choir class will be available if numbers allow. This is open to all students aged between 7 and 12/13 (end of school year 8). The Choir will take place on Saturday afternoons between 12.15 pm - 1.00 pm

Institute by Saturday Music [ Claim Listing ]
Albany School of Music Logo

String Orchestra

There are two string orchestras available to join: Junior String Orchestra and Senior String Orchestra.

Institute by Albany School of Music [ Claim Listing ]
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