Course Fees : R150 to R720

Planning to learn Kizomba Dance in South Africa?


Here is a table of Kizomba Dance classes in South Africa along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Paradiso Academy

Zonnebloem, Cape Town

Kizomba (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

4 week

8 week

12 week




Ferndale, Randburg


45 minutes

R360 3 classes

R420 4 classes

African Dance Academy

Berea, Durban

Kizomba (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

6 weeks


Sensagria Dance


Cape Town

Kizomba Class

4 weeks

R400 - R1,000

Sabrosa Salsa

Umhlanga, Durban

Kizomba Class (Individual/ Couple)

6 weeks


R600, Couple: 


Dance Spirit

Brooklyn, Pretoria

Kizomba Class

6 weeks

R400 - R800

The Dance Junxion



Beginners Group

6 times of 1 hour group lessons


Dance Cafe

Paulshof, Sandton

Private Lessons

3-12 months

R230 - R260 per half hour

Dancing Divas

Constantia Park, Pretoria

Beginners Levels 1-2

1 hour

R540 - R1,290 

Just Dancing Salsa

Cape Town

Kizomba Class

6 weeks

R300 per month



What are the Top Kizomba dance schools in South Africa?


1. Paradiso Academy - Zonnebloem, Cape Town

2. Five6seven8 - Ferndale, Randburg

3. African Dance Academy - Berea, Durban

4. Sensagria Dance - Waterfront, Cape Town

5. Sabrosa Salsa - Umhlanga, Durban

6. Dance Spirit - Brooklyn, Pretoria

7. The Dance Junxion - Bryanston, Gauteng

8. Dance Cafe - Paulshof, Sandton

9. Dancing Divas - Constantia Park, Pretoria

10. Just Dancing Salsa - Cape Town



What is the cost of Kizomba dance classes in South Africa?


As per the table shows, taking a Kizomba dance class in South Africa may cost from R230 up to R1,500.


  • R230 is maybe the cheapest cost when taking a Kizomba dance class, wherein it is good for a half hour dance session.


  • On the other hand, a Kizomba dance class in South Africa may cost up to R1,500 that is good for a 12-week course in Advanced Level.


  • Mostly, the cost is being affected by how long the class will take. It could be by the total number of hours (R230 - R1,290), weeks (R300 - R1,500), and months (R230 - R260)



What is the duration of Kizomba dance classes in South Africa?


  • Taking a Kizomba dance class in South Africa has variations of options when it comes to its duration. It can be by number of hours, days, weeks, and months.
  • As shown on the table, the shortest duration in taking a Kizomba dance class in South Africa is good for 45 minutes.
  • Contrarily, the longest period will take up to 12 months.



What is the salary of a Kizomba dance Instructor in South Africa?


The average salary of a Kizomba Dance Instructor in South Africa is R 93.68 per hour.

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Kizomba On Fire! Learn Kizomba & Have Fun on The Dance Floor

A Dynamic Kizomba Course That Will Take You from Absolute Beginner to Intermediate while Providing You Hours of Fun!

Online Institute by Udemy
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  • Duration
Five6seven8 Dance Studio Logo

Kizomba Dance

Kizomba Dance Course is offered by Five6seven8 Dance Studio. Five6seven8 Dance Studio strives to offer an all-inclusive and versatile dance experience for everyone.

Institute by Five6seven8 Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
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Kizomba Dance

Kizomba is a wonderful social Dance – Meaning “Party” and nicknamed “The African Tango”.

Institute by HNS Dance School [ Claim Listing ]

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Kizomba Group Dance classes

Institute by The Dance JunXion
BailaAfrika Afro Latino Dance Family Logo


The dance hails from Agolan semba which is decades older and is still popular today. Dancing kizomba demands the leader's connection to the music as they explore moving to different rhythms with their partner.

Institute by BailaAfrika Afro Latino Dance Family [ Claim Listing ]
Corazon Salvaje Dance Logo


 The dance sessions emphasises on teaching you to lead with musicality and confidence, while giving you the freedom to develop your own style. We want you to let the music move you and influence your dancing not transform you into another dance loot. 

Institute by Corazon Salvaje Dance [ Claim Listing ]
Sensagria Dance Logo


Kizomba is a gorgeously sensual dance originating from our very own Angola! This rhythmic dance mixes traditional Semba with Angola’s merengue creating movement and music within which to utterly lose oneself!

Institute by Sensagria Dance [ Claim Listing ]

Samba Heat Dance Logo


Kizomba Dance Lessons are offered by Samba Heat Dance for all ages and abalities.

Institute by Samba Heat Dance [ Claim Listing ]
Dance Scenario Logo


Yes, we offer unrivalled service and instruction in the South African dance industry, but our prices are competitive too!

Institute by Dance Scenario [ Claim Listing ]
Sabrosa Salsa Logo


Kizomba, also known as the "African Tango" has fast become one of the hottest dances on the planet.

Institute by Sabrosa Salsa [ Claim Listing ]
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