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The accordion is an integral part of South African music as it is played across various communities and in varying styles. This is why there is a constant push to rejuvenate this woodwind instrument with an aim to preserve the culture and traditions of the country. Evidently, there are many music schools across South Africa that offer accordion training to music students. 


Here’s a glimpse of accordion training classes in South Africa: 





Shine Music School

Private tuition and Intensive courses

R760 - 1490 per month

Duo 2000 Exclusive School of Music

Certification programs



Why take accordion classes in South Africa?


  • South Africa has a rich musical heritage that had accordion as the key instrument. This is why the learning opportunities while pursuing an accordion class in South Africa are immense. 


  • You can learn from veteran musicians such as Sergio Zampolli and therefore understand the instrument better. 


  • South African music schools offer extensive and intensive music training to students as per their needs. 


What is the cost of accordion classes in South Africa?


The cost of accordion training classes varies from institute to the other. For example, Shine School of Music charges anything between R760-1490 per month. 


What is the average duration of accordion classes in South Africa?


The average duration in which you should be able to learn accordion as an instrument is 6 months to a year. This ideally includes one class of 45 to 55 minutes per week.


What are the famous music institutes that offer accordion classes in South Africa?


Here’s is the list of institutes that offer accordion training classes in South Africa: 


1. Shine School of Music, Randburg

2. Duo 200 Exclusive School of Music, Johannesburg

3. Zariana Ross Music School, Pretoria


What will I learn by taking up accordion classes in South Africa?


By taking up accordion classes in South Africa, you will learn the following: 


  • Demonstrate the knowledge of various key methods in music development. 


  • Demonstrate practical skills and instrument techniques.


  • Demonstrate the ability to transpose melodies per the musical requirement. 


What jobs can I get as an Accordion player in South Africa?


After completion of accordion training in South Africa, you can take up the following jobs: 


  • Music director
  • Music teacher
  • Background composer
  • Accordion player for music studios
  • Music Manager

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