Looking for Drums classes in South Africa?


Drum classes in South Africa are extremely popular as drums form an ingenious part in African culture. They are being termed as multicultural citizens of the earth due to its reach and popularity. 


The types of African Drums are:


  • Bongo drums
  • Conga
  • Djembe
  • Djun-djun
  • Doumbek


Why take Drum classes in South Africa?


Listed below are few reasons on why one should learn Drum classes in South Africa:


  • Drums play a vital role in African ceremonies and ritual-like birth, Puberty, marriage, death, burial. In Western Africa, people used drums to send and receive spiritual messages, to communicate across great distances. The drum is said to have originated in Africa and its popularity grew to all parts of the world.
  • Drums in South Africa are played mainly for entertainment accompanied by songs, dance, and poetry.
  • African music is very popular and is a popular element in world music. Hence learning drums gives you a headstart in world music expanding your horizon of growth and opportunities.
  • It has been proved that learning drums reduces stress and improves health.


What is the cost of Drum classes in South Africa?


Listed below is the cost of Drum classes in South Africa,




Shine School of Music

R1490 per month 

Legacy School of Music

R2 467.00

Master Music

R420 per hour

Jamrock Music Academy

R1980.00 per term



What is the average duration of Drum classes in South Africa?


The Duration of Drum classes in South Africa is generally conducted on a monthly basis with a 1-hour duration for every session. Listed below is the duration of a few schools:




Shine School of Music

4 hours per month

Legacy School of Music

11 weeks per term


What are the Top Drum class providers in South Africa?


The most famous institutes that offer Drum classes in South Africa are: 


1. Shine School of Music, Johannesburg

2. Legacy School of Music, Belville

3. Master Music, Johannesburg

4. Jamrock Music Academy, Brackenfell

5. Tshwane School of Music, Pretoria

6. M&M Music Academy, Parkland


What will I learn by taking Drum classes in South Africa?


Drum classes in South Africa cover the following topics:


  • Introduction to the Drums
  • Drums Terminology
  • The Parts of a Drum Kit
  • Drum Equipment for Beginners
  • How to Hold Drum Sticks
  • How to Play Drum Rudiments
  • How to Read Drum Sheet Music
  • How to Read Drum Tabs


What jobs can I get as a Drummer in South Africa?


The career choices one can choose upon completing the Drum classes in South Africa are,


  • Manage music events
  • Musicians and Singers
  • Sound Engineering Technicians
  • Teaching
  • Music Directors and Composers
  • Playing in concerts Solo
  • Bands and orchestras
  • Work in the recording studios

46 course(s) offered by institutes in South Africa
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Shine School of Music Johannesburg Logo


The Shine School of Music in Johannesburg offers Percussion Classes with a qualified and experienced Drums teacher. The school provides training for students of all ages and all levels in a professional and safe environment.

Cheapest Institute by Shine School of Music Johannesburg [ Claim Listing ]
The Rhythm Music Studios Logo

Drum Lessons

Improve your coordination, dynamics, and musicianship in a variety of modern and old styles.

Cheapest Institute by The Rhythm Music Studios [ Claim Listing ]
NS Inspire Creativity Studio Logo

Drum Lessons

Whether you choose to do online lessons or lessons at the NS Inspire Studio in Pretoria, we make drum lessons fun.

Institute by NS Inspire Creativity Studio
  • Price
  • Duration

Duerell's School of Music, Drama and Dance Logo

Drums & Vocals

Drums & Vocals Lessons are offered by Duerell's School of Music, Drama and Dance.

Cheapest Institute by Duerell's School of Music, Drama and Dance [ Claim Listing ]
Creare Training Centre Logo

Drums (13 Years of Age and Up)

Drums lessons for people who are of 13 years of age and up are offered by Creare Training Centre.

Institute by Creare Training Centre [ Claim Listing ]
Expressive Arts College Logo


Expressive Arts College is offering Drums lessons for anyone looking to begin or advance their skill in the art of music. One-on-one lessons at any of our branches with a personal tutor.

Cheapest Institute by Expressive Arts College
School of Rock Logo


School of Rock offers simple yet effective drum lessons for beginners that bypass entry-level pad training. Students get behind a drum kit during their first lesson to start learning how to play the drums.

Cheapest Institute by School of Rock [ Claim Listing ]

Good Wave Music Academy Logo


Good Wave Music Academy offers music lessons on Drums at a professional standard. We accept students from ages 5/6 and up. With great passion for what we do, a real love for teaching music and a client service delivered at a professional standard, you are bound to smile being enrolled with us. 

Institute by Good Wave Music Academy [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
Spades for Kings (School of Music & Creativity) Logo


We are proud to offer Drums Lessons for all ages and abilities. These classes will assist in equipping students with basic Musical techniques, Music theory, Ear training as well as exposure to different styles and genres of music.

Cheapest Institute by Spades for Kings (School of Music & Creativity) [ Claim Listing ]
Music Lesson Johannesburg Logo


The Performance Academy offers drums lessons for any level of player from beginning to advanced and anyone in between.

Cheapest Institute by Music Lesson Johannesburg [ Claim Listing ]
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