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Planning to learn Piano in South Africa?


Piano classes in South Africa have gained popularity as it is seen as a part of their tradition. The music scene in South Africa is vibrant and diverse. It has an abundance of different genres and styles.


What are Top Piano classes in South Africa?


The most popular schools that offer Piano training classes in South Africa are: 


1. Musical Minds, Pretoria

2. Piano Forte, Musgrave 

3. School of Music, Beacon Bay

4. Master Music, Johannesburg

5. Shine Music School, Johannesburg

6. Keyz Music, Verwoerdpark

7. M&M Music Academy, Johannesburg



What is the cost of Piano classes in South Africa?


The Cost of Piano classes in South Africa from a few popular music schools are as follows,




Musical Minds

R400 per hour

Piano Forte

R640 per month

Master Music

R420 per hour

Shine Music School

R760 2 hours per month



What is the duration of Piano classes in South Africa?


The Piano classes in South Africa are conducted on a monthly basis. The length of the class for all levels is 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes respectively.


Why learn to play Piano in South Africa?


Listed below are the reasons why one should take Piano classes in South Africa,


  • Amapiano is the new age music of South Africa, it is the most trending form of music and has huge popularity. 


  • One of the important instruments of amapiano is the piano, making it an important reason to learn piano to stay relevant in the South African music industry.


  • Jazz is one of the most popular music in South Africa. Jazz music includes various instruments with PIano playing a significant role. South African musical styles and genres have gone through various interesting evolutions throughout the years. 


South Africa has an array of talented musicians and three imminent South African Pianists are:


  • Nduduzo Makhathini
  • Kyle Shepherd
  • Bokani Dyer


Other general reasons to be considered to learn piano are:


  • Encourages Creativity
  • Improves Reading Comprehension
  • Exercising New Language Skills
  • Expands Cultural Knowledge
  • Prevents Brain Processing, Hearing and Memory Loss


What will I learn from a Piano course in South Africa?


Piano training classes in South Africa curriculum is as follows:


  • Introduction to the piano 
  • Identification and mastering notes on the piano 
  • Rhythm and notation (Whole note, half note and quarter note, etc.)
  • Application of notation in songs and sheet music
  • Explaining theory beginning from pre-grade 1.
  • Identifying and mastering basic sheet music merging theory with practicality.
  • Diversify into classical or light music
  • Playing by ear
  • Proceeding advanced


What jobs can I get as a Pianist in South Africa?


Various Job opportunities post  Piano classes in South Africa are,


  • Film Music composition
  • Produce music for Tv Commercials and Jingles
  • Church Musician
  • Wedding Musician
  • Teaching
  • Work in the recording studios
  • Manage music events
  • Write music-related articles
  • Playing in concerts Solo
  • Bands and orchestras

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